Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fruit trees

 Since everyone loved the photos of the vegie garden here are some shots of the fruit trees. This blurry one is the cherry tree
 This is the apricot tree out the front, we have fruit trees out the back and some out the front.
This is one of the plum trees out the front.
 This is the pear tree out the back
and one of the apple trees out the back.
We have lost a few trees to too much water, ironic as I have established and keep alive all these trees through the drought.
It looks like the two peach trees out the front, the almond and the nectarine trees are gone. I will leave them till Im absolutely sure. Its very sad as they were all producint nicely.
Dam weather!


Unknown said...

Oh no...not my favourite... you've lost a nectarine! They always remind me of my father. The memories come flooding back of bottling soo many nectarines. That was my very first attempt at bottling....his homegrown produce. Maa

Linda said...

Looks like you have some great fruit trees there. I know what you mean about waiting to see. I have a grapefruit that dropped all its leaves. A stick now but I won't give up hope! You never know, do you?!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Summer is heading into your corner of the world, while we cool down....

Gill in Canada

Grammy said...

Wow, you are giving me spring fever.I will pull up my blanket and watch your garden grow.