Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garden update

Look there is a little baby tommie, this is one of the two cherrie tomatoes I planted in pots. I hope to be eating tomatoes well before christmas.
 As I was overseas this year I missed out on seed potatoes, these are ones leanne had in her pantry. Ive planted them in big pots and will add more organic soil as they grow. the plan is when ready I will just upend the pots and collect the spuds.
 These are some potatoes i had in the pantry, I cant remember what they are called but their the ones with the pinkish skin. These are in the raised garden bed. again dont know how they will go but its all about experimentation. Will mulch these very soon.
 My bush beans, these little things dont grow very big but give about 2-3 kilos of beans over the season. I just love them!
A shot of the tomatoes planted a few weeks ago. They were just over the first cross bar then. Look how much they have grown!
I hope your garden is going as well as mine seams to be, Time to plant the next lot in succession me thinks
see ya


Sharon said...

WOW! Doing great! You must have a green thumb and some super soil!

Linda said...

Wow! How are your tomatoes that big already! Are you further north than me? Your garden looks great!

angela said...

Linda I live about 40 minutes north of Philip Island. Sharron I do have great soil, organic compost and I mulch twice a year with organic cane mulch which breaks down and adds more nutrients. I think being a raised garden bed it warms up quickly too

Unknown said...

Your garden looks great...and I'm jealous. Mine is just weeny at the moment, but it's a start. I used to have a lovely garden before we came here. Boo hoo...I had to leave it all behind as it was a raised garden bed made from bricks and mortar. Your soil looks sooo good. We have clay here so it's going to take a bit of time and money to get it all off the ground. Maa

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

wow your garden is way ahead of ours down here in NZ. Looks great!

love leanne

Grammy said...

Oh the joy of seeing the garden grow. I can not imaging how wonderful it would be to have Christmas with fresh from the garden veggie. I really never thought of the difference in our world till I met you. The thought of it is the same moment in time yet you are so many hours ahead and in a different season. Playing game on face book I met a new girl from Thailand. She is exactly 12 hours ahead of me. So it is fun to tell her good morning to our good night. Yet I stay up to be on your time zone. But she has rainy season to our fall or spring. She said it rains every day. I am go thankful for this blog. So I can view your world too. Blessings sent your way.