Monday, October 10, 2011

saving energy

thanks everyone for you comments. I feel better having a vent. I have decided that I will quit the gym and save my energy for doing what I have to do, and things I want to do. I was feeling pretty low this morning. Having battle the symptoms of cronic fatique for so long, getting this flu was like the final straw.
So this morning I pull myself up by my bootsraps and did three loads of washing, and cleaned the floors. So then I decided to make myself feel better but cooking on my new wood heater. The weather here has been very up and down, it was nice this morning but then a cold southerly and and rain hit so I got it going. So I have browned some stewing steak from the freezer, and defrosted some vegies I had cooked with tomatoes and put them all in this dish and put it on the heater to slowly cook.
The whole meal cost me nothing, except for the heat, as all the food was home grown and I sourced the wood for free!
By the way the free wood is also heating the house, and drying my clothes. frugal arnt I!
see its the little things in life that make me the happiest!
Told you I felt better, thanks everyone.
see ya


Gill - That British Woman said...

you are a frugal person. We have only had our fire on a couple of times this month and then only for a couple of hours, however I was thinking I could probably do what you do in the thick of winter and put a pot of stew to simmer on the top of the wood stove. Great idea,

Gill in Canada

Sharon said...

Glad to hear you are better enough to do laundry. My bug is a little behind yours and I will do good to get the garbage out!

I used to love cooking on a wood cookstove! By far, the best! (So is frugal!)

Raining a little here this morning, doesn't look like much, settle the dust maybe.

Deb said...

It is always the little things or simple things that make life so much better:0)
Glad you are feeling better.

Grammy said...

That's awesome. Sorry I have not kept up with blogging.