Thursday, October 13, 2011

more laughs

see ya


Unknown said...

hahaha!....You are feeling better!!

Sharon said...

I think that we have the exact same sense of humor! Love it!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...


Recently I received a Versatile Blogger Award.
It gave me a smile to think there was someone out there who thought my blog was worthy of a second look at!
One of the conditions of this award is to pass it on to others....
I have chosen your blog, as I enjoy reading it, and thought it would be nice to acknowledge the things you do in blogging land. If you are not into awards please ignore this, otherwise, to see my post , here is the link -

I hope you will accept this award in the spirit with which it is passed on to you - with friendship and best wishes.

Love Leanne

Grammy said...

That was great. Children. lol They were all funny. Thanks for the laugh. E:)