Thursday, October 27, 2011

A path!!

23 years ago I ask for a concrete path to my clothes line. I wanted to buy a trolley for the washing basket so I could push it to the line and not have to bend over as I was pregnant with my first child.
well that child is now 22 and my path is finally in.
better late than never
 Here is hubby directing where everything should go. You know dirt here, dump dirt there. Very important stuff like
The path once cut and now being boxed for the concrete.

The finished job. We didnt want to leave a little bit of lawn separated from the large area so we did it all. will make mowing much easier.
I cant say hubby doesnt deliver can I.
see ya


Grammy said...

that's great! It looks wonderful. :)

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Oh oh oh I am green with envy....
I'm still waiting too smile.

love Leanne

granny said...

Woo Hoo !!! All good things come to those who wait !! and wait,and wait.....looks terrific Angela :0)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I know how you feel, at least your feet won't get dirty anymore either,

Gill in Canada