Sunday, March 28, 2010

A saturday night with the girls

This is a photo of us at dinner saturday night. We ate at the Hastings marina and saw a show. We saw a pink cover band. I though that she did an ok job. Pink would be a hard act to follow.
The first in the pic is Simone, and the one in the middle is her sister Annette. I am the one on the end in grey.
Its always good to go out and let your hair down, and not worry for a little while.
I hope you all had a great weekend.
see ya

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk28

Today I gain another 500grams.
so speaking with the consultant we have decided to give my body a break for two weeks.
I will still have the shake for breakfast but eat normally for the rest of the day. I will eat sensible and will stick to their food plan for the most part.
I will still go in and be weighed once a week just to keep an eye on things.
I was very upset this morning, when you do all the right things and they do not work. Its frustrating.
I will keep you updated.
see ya

who would of known

yesterday Hubby and I travelled to Melbourne to see a professor about hubbys ear.
About 3 months ago, hubby was at work and sneezed. No anything unusual about that, right!
Well about 1/2 an hour later he felt sick, and dizzy.
He finished what he was doing and came home early to rest. Never a good sign. The next morning he had lost his hearing in his right ear.
Since then we have had doctors try all sorts of medication but nothing has worked.
This professor was our last hope. But yesterday he told us that there was nothing he could do and that the hearing loss and ringing in his ear is permant.
So now we have to see an audiologist about hearing aids.
All this from just a sneeze.
Who would of known.
Be very careful out there
see ya

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Saturday, Quite Sunday

Yesterday it was a hive of activity here. Our toilet needed a new cistern so babygirls boyfriend, an apprentice plumber, fixed that for us. While hubby and I, with the help of wonderson, tackled the tropical forest that had grown around our home.
while they slashed and mowed, I hacked and turn an overgrown, monster vine back into a nice arch. Then I used bailing twin to fix the door into the permiculture area that a visiting dog had ripped. This ment that the chickens found away into the back yard and onto the decking to peck at the back door to get my attention.
Is there anything bailing twin cannot fix!
I then spent some more time spliting wood, and adding to our growing pile ready to start the fire as soon as the weather turns cold.
I love my woodsplitter, so much easier than using an axe!
I then decided to make some cupcakes, and biscuits to feed the troups. They were much appreciated.
So now the place looks so much better and although there is still heaps to do before winter hits, we have made quiet a dint in the to do list.
enjoy the rest of the weekend, I know I will be taking it easy today.
see ya

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two finished quilt tops.

Two projects down and more to go. I was going to try and quilt these myself but I have one that I made out of some scrap material that was given to me by my MIL. So I will practice on that one first.
It will make a great quilt for the boat. It gets very cold on the water!
see ya

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk 27

This week I did not gain. I did not lose but I did not gain.
So not a bad week.
Hopefully I will start losing again soon and I will be back on track.
see ya

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunrise over Westernport.

a while ago I posted pics of a sunset in westernport. Well last night we went out and stayed out all night. This pics are of the sunrise.
Not a good picture, but if you look carefully you can see the mist rising over the land.

Another picture of the mist with our friends, Daves boat.
I have not spent the night on the water before and I usually sleep soundly on the boat. I love the rocking motion, its like being rocked to sleep like a baby. Only last night the wind picked up and it wasnt so much rocked, as shaken and stirred. Then I heard the rods go off and add to that the wind, I did not get much sleep but is was nice to be out there, and not worry about anything.
We caught whiting, elephant shark, flathead and leather jackets.
So a good day out.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
see ya

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back into battle

For those that have been reading my blog for a while you may remember my friend Leanne. She has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
Well we have had some bad news. Its back and this time in her bowel.
So now we wait for her to go into surgery and then back for more treatment.
After the first shock of the news we now prepare to fight. And she is a strong person who will win.
So please pray for her and for me to have the strength to help her through this.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk26

I am a little depressed today, as I have again gained 600 grams. I dont know why. The lady at Tony Ferguson seems to think I am not eating enough food so this week I will try and eat more.
doesnt make sense to me, but hay, will give it a go!
I have just come back from going into the city with baby girl. She had to go and get fingerprinted for her gaming licence. Boy have the trains become crowded. And we were stuck in the loop for 10 minutes as another train broke down. We left cranbourne station at 8.15am and got back at 12.00! We were only in the place for 10 minutes.
Boy what an adventure
Wont be doing that again for another couple of years I reckon.
see ya

Monday, March 08, 2010

The supercell

This is the satellite picture of victoria for today. More severe storms are on their way.
All this rain, comming down at once is causing major problems for everyone. Here we have been lucky with not much damage, but when the rain is the heaviest it floods the front yard. But luckily it runs away quickly and only one window has let some water in.
So all in all not a bad weekend.
see ya

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just like Queensland

Its been very hot and muggy here for the last few days. And now I am inside listening to the thunder outside. It suddenly got very dark and gloomy.
Except for the the humidity, I love it.
I hope all this rain stops in queensland and we start to get some here. Although not quite that much.
Whatever the weather, werever you are have a great weekend.
see ya

Friday, March 05, 2010

Bread and butter cucumbers

cut up your cucumbers into thin slices and salt carefully.
leave overnight.
next morning wash and put aside to dry.
in a pan add
white vinegar
white pepper corn
and water.
I used 3cups vinegar
1 cup sugar and a handful of the pepper corn.
I then added 1.5 cups water and brought the lot to the boil.
I washed and put jars into hot water while I waited for the vinegar to come to a boil.
Pack the jars with the cucumber and add the vinegar mix.
seal and put in canner.

This time I also added onion to the cucumber to salt but only left them for an hour.
I hope these tast like you remember. Its been a few years since I made the last batch and the family Iove them.
They will be ready to eat in about a week or so.
If you can hold out that long.
see ya

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Still cooking

Yummy cookies, with chocolate chips Bread and butter cucumbers
And my fowlers bottling unit. Bought 2nd hand and has been used lots!

Nearly the weekend.
See ya

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


two of these Turned into 12 of these

Just like magic!
see ya

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk25

Well this week I have gained 500 grams.
dont know why so all I can do is just get over it and move on.
Was very busy yesterday and split about a months worth of wood for the fire and pulled up the tomatoes from the raised garden bed. I now have lots of tomatoes to make the last of the pasta sauce for this year. home grown basil will go into this lot.
Off to do some bottling
see ya