Thursday, December 31, 2009

And the star producers for 2009 are

King Billy And Angelina
couldnt resist yesterday and I picked one. Yummo. Will harvest in the next few days.
Have a great new year everyone. stay safe.
see ya

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tony Ferguson Wk17

I hope you all had a great christmas. I know I did. I am typing this post on our new computer and its very exciting. It was a christmas pressie to ourselves, as our old computer was about 8 years old and well past its use by date.
I got up this morning and with fear in my heart whent off to tony ferguson.
Well I am happy and proud to annouce a loss of 900grams.
Yep even with christmas I still lost.
Chuffed I am
see you

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Well christmas day is over for another year. It all went well here. Everyone felt full and happy. The kids all had a ball and it was a pretty relaxed kind of day.
Now today we have christmas with my family at my parents house.
I was very good and only had two glasses of sparkling wine, as my brother in law and his partner announced that they were engaged.
What a great chrismas surprise.
Congratulations to them.
see ya

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve

Today 22 years ago my dear old hubby, asked me to marry him.
We have had our ups and downs but overall the last 21years of marrage have been good ones.
I am excited to see what the next 20 or so years will bring.
Only one more sleep till santa comes.
Have a great christmas everyone.
see ya

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tony Ferguson Wk 16

This week I gained 200grams
not really stressing as it is the season to have a few bubblys, and I did enjoy two glasses on Sunday.
I have realised that when I drink alcahol my body stops burning fat.
But I will restrain myself I promise.
see ya

PS only 3 more sleeps

Sunday, December 20, 2009

our first adult family christmas

Today wonderson, his girlfriend, baby girl and her boyfriend, dear old hubby and I are having a christmas dinner.
Its our first family, adult christmas and I am very excited.
It only seems like yesterday I was running around with two little toddlers and now they are all grown up and in relationships with two wonderful others.
Its great when it all works out.
I hope they all remain happy.
Have a great day everyone.
see ya
PS only 5 more sleeps til santa

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeling Hot,Hot,Hot!

The temp today is about 39 dregrees (102 farenheit) So a good day to bale hay.
Buffy is just enjoying the shade. She is a rescued cat that was very neglected and has become the most loyal and loving pet anyone could every ask for.
She will only allow members of our family to pick her up and she is not fond of little boys.
I think they caused her grief before we got her.

This is mushroom She has just enjoyed a nice long drink and is wondering what I am doing with that funny shiny thing in her face.
Stay cool everyone.
see ya

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tony Ferguson Wk15

This week I have lost 900grams and two centermeters from off my tummy.
I may still be able to reach my goal of 10 kilos but christmas. Only 800 grams to go.
wish me luck
see ya

Monday, December 14, 2009

Its all about Purple

This is my first eggplant for the year. Last year I grew some but not this big.
And even though it looks blue its really a purple vest I knitted. I cant read patterns so I made it up as I went along. Turned out ok. I am wearing it now and it fits nicely.
For all the Vic students waiting for there VCE results today goodluck, and remember there is more than one way to get into the course you want, so dont stress.
See ya

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy sunday morning

I have had a bit of a sleep in this morning and now I am sitting in bed playing on the laptop. Reading blogs and playing on facebook.
It rained overnight and the air comming in the open window is crisp and fresh.
The rooster is crowing and a hen is clucking telling me my breakfast egg is ready.
The sheep and cattle were moved into another paddock yesterday and they are very quiet telling me they are happily munching on the fresh grass.
Today we will be working in the vegetable garden weeding and in the hot house.
Hubby is making noise in the kitchen so I suppose I have to get up now.
Have a great sunday everyone
see ya

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A close call

Thursday night I had what was promising to be the mother of all migraines. So I took immediate action and got some drugs into me and was asleep by 8.30. Next morning I stayed in be until the morning shows had finished, about 9.00. I then took it slow all day.
I stayed away from the office and just potted around at home. I cooked 7 meals for myself which I froze for when we are eating stuff for dinner I cant have, like pasta. I also folded laundry and did more laundry and knitted.
I again took some drugs last night and I was asleep by 9.30. This seems to have worked as I am awake now and the threatening headache has not materialise.
So now I am blogging and playing on my new addiction, face book. I love playing the games on facebook. So if you have a few spare minutes, get on facebook and play some of the games. I dare you, you will be hooked.
see ya

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Its beggining to look a lot like christmas

The house smells wonderfully of pine tree, and that means christmas is on its way.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tony Ferguson Wk 14

Well the slow progress continues. I only lost another 100grams.
But hey, a loss is a loss and its better than 100 up, right.
Just trying to keep myself positive.
Christmas is progressing here, I have the menu all set for the big luncheon, and We are steadily cleaning up the back entertainment area. But it is raining today and so the weeds will continue to grow at an alarming rate.
How are your preps going?
Have you finished your chrissy shopping?
I only have one small thing to get to add to one persons gift, I made the first part myself.
Then I think I'm done.
see ya

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just a quickie

Not much happening here at the moment. We have been busy in the workshop and lots getting done at home, but its not been anything to blog about.
We went fishing yesterday and dear old hubby caught a gummy shark, so lots of flake for the family.
Its been very muggy here and we have had a bit of rain. Enough to keep the gardens going without any help from me. The hothouse needed water, and I gave it a good drink this morning.
The plants in there have gone nuts. The tomatoes are full of fruit, and the capsicums are doing really well. I will be able to harvest some for tea tonight. The tomatoes are only a week or two from ripening.
Its hot at the moment, but the weather people have forcast a cool change with rain.
Just right for sleep.
see ya

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tony Ferguson Wk 13

Today I lost 700grams and another cm off my tummy.
I also have finished christmas shopping. I hope!
And the walls in the sewing room are now painted.
Its all happening
see ya