Monday, October 31, 2011

playing in the mud.

This is a short vid I took of hubby playing in the mud. They boys love to get the 4x4's dirty. Although we had alot of rain, there was not alot of mud to play in. Which is good really as sometimes they get alittle adventures and in the past have done quite a bit of damage. But now they are older, and hopefully a little wiser this wont happen.
Yeah right.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Camping again

We were off to the Big River state foresst again, and this time Bronwyn and Dave came along with their daughter and her cuz.
since we were so many we decided to have a roast dinner like we used to many years ago when we all used to go.
 I have a camp oven and Bron has one. Mine is on the right with the coals on the lid cooking the roast lamb Bronwyn provided.. In the other one Leannes potatoes, carrots and pumkin are cooking.
I was in charge of peas and corn. With gravy in my pot we had a magnificent feast!
Just because your ruffing it, it dont mean you have to eat substandard food.
I will try to load a very short video of Hubby Don playing in the mud tomorrow.
see ya

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A path!!

23 years ago I ask for a concrete path to my clothes line. I wanted to buy a trolley for the washing basket so I could push it to the line and not have to bend over as I was pregnant with my first child.
well that child is now 22 and my path is finally in.
better late than never
 Here is hubby directing where everything should go. You know dirt here, dump dirt there. Very important stuff like
The path once cut and now being boxed for the concrete.

The finished job. We didnt want to leave a little bit of lawn separated from the large area so we did it all. will make mowing much easier.
I cant say hubby doesnt deliver can I.
see ya

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comment troubles

Hello just a short note to let you know that if you have a comments section where you have to pick an account from a drop down box, it wont let me comment.
Grannys garden and chocolate fishes I tried to comment this morning and it wouldnt work.
Off to quilting class today so must hurry, If spent wayyyyyyy to much time reading your blogs.
see ya

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a day on the Bay

Well not really the bay, Westernport to be exact. It the first time we took the boat out this season and it was great to be back on the water. I dont know if you can see it, if you click on the photo it will get bigger. There were heaps of boats out today. At one stage it looked like a fleet was invading there were so many.
I had a feeling that we were going to be visited by the water police so I checked to make sure that I had my fishing license on me. Well bugger me if not 40 minutes later the police pulled up beside us and told us we had to move as a huge tanker was on its way. Hubby now wants me to predict the Lotto numbers. lol
This is the tanker, it had two pilot boats with it and lucky the water police to clear its path as like I said there were hundreds of boats in the water.
Hubby and I both caught a Flathead each and a dont-know-what-sort-of-fish-this-is-but-it-makes-great-bait-fish each. So the tally for this year is dead even.
Lets hope I win as I have a reputation to uphold.
hope you all had a great sunday
see ya

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fruit trees

 Since everyone loved the photos of the vegie garden here are some shots of the fruit trees. This blurry one is the cherry tree
 This is the apricot tree out the front, we have fruit trees out the back and some out the front.
This is one of the plum trees out the front.
 This is the pear tree out the back
and one of the apple trees out the back.
We have lost a few trees to too much water, ironic as I have established and keep alive all these trees through the drought.
It looks like the two peach trees out the front, the almond and the nectarine trees are gone. I will leave them till Im absolutely sure. Its very sad as they were all producint nicely.
Dam weather!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garden update

Look there is a little baby tommie, this is one of the two cherrie tomatoes I planted in pots. I hope to be eating tomatoes well before christmas.
 As I was overseas this year I missed out on seed potatoes, these are ones leanne had in her pantry. Ive planted them in big pots and will add more organic soil as they grow. the plan is when ready I will just upend the pots and collect the spuds.
 These are some potatoes i had in the pantry, I cant remember what they are called but their the ones with the pinkish skin. These are in the raised garden bed. again dont know how they will go but its all about experimentation. Will mulch these very soon.
 My bush beans, these little things dont grow very big but give about 2-3 kilos of beans over the season. I just love them!
A shot of the tomatoes planted a few weeks ago. They were just over the first cross bar then. Look how much they have grown!
I hope your garden is going as well as mine seams to be, Time to plant the next lot in succession me thinks
see ya

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Camping weekend

This weekend Leanne, her hubby steve my hubby Don and I all went camping at Big River. we used to go all the time when the kids were little and we loved it. This is a shot of our camper van. in the old days we had a huge tent the kids would sleep in with us.
 This is Leannes new tent, it really roomy and has plenty of space just for two.
 This is us drinking first thing in the morning, we also do 4x4 driving but the boys do that so we can drink and be merry cause we dont have to drive.
This was our camp fire on saturday night. it was toasty warm and when we went to bed, I could feel the heat and the glow was wonderful to go to sleep to.
We had a ball, and it was sooooooo much easier now that the kids have grown up. It was a cheap holiday in the days were money was tight, and the kids were able to go and run and be free. Also the memories of those days are priceless.
see ya

Thursday, October 13, 2011

more laughs

see ya

just for laughs

because sometimes we all just need a laugh
see ya

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

feeling better

I feel better today, I am excited about going back to quilting class. I have missed out on many classes because of holidays, me going to greece, school holidays and being sick. So it will be nice to see the girls again.
I hope you are all well
see ya

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bet you didnt know

I bet you didnt know that a bathroom sink also doubles at the bin! Its amazing that in all these years no-one has every wondered how the rubbish gets from the sink/bin to the real bin under the sink. Come to think of it no-one has ever wondered how the rubbish under the sink gets to the green bin outside.
It really is a mystery, I wonder how that all happens.
I guess we will never know.
see ya

Monday, October 10, 2011

saving energy

thanks everyone for you comments. I feel better having a vent. I have decided that I will quit the gym and save my energy for doing what I have to do, and things I want to do. I was feeling pretty low this morning. Having battle the symptoms of cronic fatique for so long, getting this flu was like the final straw.
So this morning I pull myself up by my bootsraps and did three loads of washing, and cleaned the floors. So then I decided to make myself feel better but cooking on my new wood heater. The weather here has been very up and down, it was nice this morning but then a cold southerly and and rain hit so I got it going. So I have browned some stewing steak from the freezer, and defrosted some vegies I had cooked with tomatoes and put them all in this dish and put it on the heater to slowly cook.
The whole meal cost me nothing, except for the heat, as all the food was home grown and I sourced the wood for free!
By the way the free wood is also heating the house, and drying my clothes. frugal arnt I!
see its the little things in life that make me the happiest!
Told you I felt better, thanks everyone.
see ya

stand still

Life here at the moment feels like its come to a stand still. I have been so ill that my normal daily routine has gone.
I am trying to decide if I should cancel my gym membership as I have not been since a week before my holiday.
I just cannot get myself up and out the door anymore, and by the time Im moving I feel that my limited energy is better spent getting stuff done here at home.
Its like I get 50 dollars to spend everyday, and going to the gym burns up about 25 of it. So everyday half my daily budget gets spent on something that really wasnt giving me a return.
I dont know if this makes sence but if it does, Id really appreciate some advice.
I have to get over feeling like a failure if I have to stop doing something I used to do. I have to learn that not matter what others say, I am not well, I am not firing on all cylinders and I have to devise a new way of conserving what little energy I have and used it where I get the most return.
Im sure once I make up my mind, my life will start to move forward again. Its hard when I was so busy before and now I just cannot be. Also dealing with the negativity of others is really getting to me. Thank god my hubby is understanding, I would be lost without him.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Its nearly 5am and Im on the couch again. My throat is on fire and I can hardly swallow. My ears are killing me and my glands are all swallen. At least with the fire going Im not coughing so thats a bonus.
Looks like back to the doctors again, and some more antibiotics. This will be my third lot, which is alot for me as I havent had any for about 10 years!
sorry to winge to you but at 5 in the morning there is no one else around.
I am so tired but unable to sleep because of the pain.
feeling very sorry for myself. So over it!

Friday, October 07, 2011

so tired

I have woken up, cleaned the breakfast dishes, half made my bed, cleaned the puppys pen, taken puppy for a walk to workshop, then had to wash puppy, did a quick runaround with the vacume and Im about to hang out the puppys blankie'.
So now Im very tired.
Will need to rest before tackling making dinner, Ive decided chicken soup. It worked wonders on wonderson.
have a great weekend everyone
see ya

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Not having a good week

my cough is back and its driving me crazy. I have coughed so much I feel like Ive broken a rib.
So I have not been doing too much. Resting most days, and only doing one or two jobs. Today the weather was fairly nice to start with so I had all the doors and windows open. then the roll of thunder and a few minutes later, torrential rain.
Its still raining now, but its just a steady rain, so hopefully it will soak into the ground and not puddle too much. although I dont know how much more the ground can take.
So Im on the couch, with my blankie and laptop, watching the lord of the rings.
A nice hot cup of tea and I feel so much better.
My husbands godsons, sister is getting married on saturday, so I really need to rest to be able to go. I think we will just go to the reception and not stay too late, gone are the days when I could go to the church and hang around for the reception and stay all night.
More thunder as I type, sound great! I love a good thunderstorm. dont you.
see ya

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Help

Yesterday I went and saw the movie "The Help". It was brilliant. Its about a young white girl living in the south, who comes home after being away in collage. she wants to be a writer and gets a job in the local paper but decideds to write a book about all the african-american maids that work for the wealthy white familys.
It is set in the 50's and when racial inequality was sky high.
It deals with those issues beautifully, without being gory. So its a good movie to take young adults to. It would certanly get the conversations going.
I really enjoyed it and its does bring a few tears to your eyes, but it has it light moments too.
I hope you all get an opportunity to go see it.
see ya

Monday, October 03, 2011

Its all about poo

I have come to the realisation that my life is all about dealing with poo!
Everyday I clean the kitty litter, and now I have a puppy that is a pooing machine. it used to be baby poo, and now its animal poo.
I have also realised I have always had to deal with peoples metaphorical poo, but now Im just to old and tried to do so any more.
So I am getting much better with other peoples poo, unfortunately I still have to deal with the furry kids poo, or boy would this house stink!
see ya

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Daylight savings starts

Daylight savings started today. I was in bed at 8.30 last night and woke up at 10.30 this morning. Then adjusted the clock and bingo half the day gone! I was so tried yesterday anyone would have thought I had acually played in the grandfinal.
Unfortunately the Geelong football team was stronger on the day and won. But I am very proud of my boys and next year we will be back better than ever!
So Im off to have my breakfast, lunch, or whatever this meal is going to be and try and forget yesterday and enjoy the first day of exra daylight
see ya

Saturday, October 01, 2011

this is it

for those of you that do not live in Victoria, Australia. Today is the grandfinal of the AFL. My team is the team that everyone loves to hate, Collingwood. We won the final last year and we are in the game again this year. I would love to see the mighty pies win back to back flags. Only one problem, the other team is Geelong. Pretty much the only team to beat us this year!
It will be a great game, and I truely hope the best team wins, although I am hopeing that team is Collingwood.
So think of me thisafternoon, I will either be deliriously happy or a very upset girl.
GO THE PIES!!!!!!!!!!