Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Help

Yesterday I went and saw the movie "The Help". It was brilliant. Its about a young white girl living in the south, who comes home after being away in collage. she wants to be a writer and gets a job in the local paper but decideds to write a book about all the african-american maids that work for the wealthy white familys.
It is set in the 50's and when racial inequality was sky high.
It deals with those issues beautifully, without being gory. So its a good movie to take young adults to. It would certanly get the conversations going.
I really enjoyed it and its does bring a few tears to your eyes, but it has it light moments too.
I hope you all get an opportunity to go see it.
see ya


bright star said...

Must see it!

Sharon said...

That is one on my list of want to sees! Glad you enjoyed it!

granny said...

Ive read the book..loved it ! A friend and I are going to see it on the 20th..cant wait :0)

angela said...

everyone who goes to see this movie has to leave a comment and tell me about the chocolate pie. its a very important part of the movie.