Thursday, May 31, 2012


Magic is all around If you are willing to perceive
It's in the stones
It's in the trees
It's in the air we breath
It's in the touch of a lovers hand
In your new born baby's eyes
It whispers to you when your lonely
It explodes within, when you just love being alive
But do not try to see it For your eyes they cannot see
Just close them now, and look inside And find the magic within!
Written by me
Just now

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finally Finished

I finished the Shalom jacket that I started weeks ago. It was hard at first but with the help of you tube I was able to power through. It looks bit wonky but I'm sure it will be fine once its washed and it looks OK on.
I'm pretty chuffed that I did finish it and now I cant wait to start a new project. Knitting and Crocheting is keeping me sane. I love quilting as well but when your not well enough to be going from the sewing machine, to the iron to the cutting table just being able to sit and still craft is wonderful.
with the cold weather well and truly here hand made knits are a bonus for the wardrobe!
see ya

Monday, May 28, 2012


Mondays here mean washing and cleaning the house after the weekend. You would think that having no kids at home any more it wouldn't get as bad, but then I remember the hubby! That man cannot bring in a load of wood without mulching the whole area in front of the fire. So I just clean it up as best as I can during the weekend and give it a good vacuum on Monday, now during the week I keep the fire going and the mess is considerably less! Meanwhile today I have washed and hung on the clothes horses two huge loads of washing and one load of towels is now hanging under the back veranda drying out of the rain and frost. We had a cooked chicken for lunch yeasterday so I used the left overs to make a chicken and vegetable soup on my fire. I love cooking on the fire as it saves power and I get twice as much from my wood. I am feeling under the weather with my throat feeling like its on fire, so I have been going slow. I hope you all are feeling great and have enjoyed your weekend, ready now to takle a new week. See ya

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My new life

Well baby girl is gone! We will be taking the rest of her stuff to her new home today. I am now officially an empty nester. On too of everything else this week I am dealing with this. I'm sad and it will take some adjustment but I will get through this and I know in a week or two I will be looking forward to my new life. But for now I'm eating chocolate because that's how I cope. See ya

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Elizabeth Rimbas

Elizabeth Rimbas is 95 years old. She has born and raised 7 children and buried one of them. She has helped raise 14 grandchildren and buried one of them. She has lived long enough to see 11 great grandchildren be born and head changed the nappies of every single one of them. She has buried her mother and father and her husban and even a son in law. She was a woman who lived through two world wars and a hard life but she was strong and taugh all her descendants that no matter what family comes first. She pased away this morning between 6 and 7 am. I had been at the hospital all night with her and had only left two hours earlier as we just could no long wait or it would not be safe for us to drive home. My last words to her we're that it was ok for her to go home. I didnt need to tell her I loved her because she always would say that she knew that. She is my grandmother, a woman that showed me what is was to be a rod of steel in a nurturing body. I will miss every every day of the rest of my life.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


It's a quiet sunday morning here and I'm just reading blogs in bed. Today I have a birthday party for a five year old and both my kids are coming with us! Their partners are both busy, one is working and the other I'm not really sure what he's doing so its just going to be the four of us in the car like old times. I know this is not going to happen much anymore so I'm going to just pretend that it's like it used to be. I know I have to let go and I am but I really miss the old days and it nice to relive them every now and again. Ok moment over! Hope you all have a great weekend See ya

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Very excited as tonight we are off to see the royal purple one himself. I have loved him since my highschool days. And yes I would dress like him, it was the 80's afterall. lol
So Leanne, Sandra and I are going into the city having dinner in a posh restaurant and then going to rock on with Prince.
Only downside is we then have to get home and in bed as we have an oncologist appointment Wed and more chemo.
But thats something to worry tomorrow, for tonight we party likes it 1999!
see ya

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day

Just wanting to wish all the mothers out there a happy mothers day. I'm having a terrible time accessing blogger on the net and my iPad won't allow me to put photos on my blog. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. So no pretty photo of flowers for you. But I hope you all get spoilt by your children and grandchildren.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One step closer

Our caravan is one step closer with us having to go and approve the final plans today. We have changed a couple of little things, like where the cd player is, so a new final set of plans will be drawn up and went to us via email for final approval. The van is earmarked to go into production first of June which means we will have it about two weeks later! That will give me plenty of time to fix it up as I want before we hit the road on July 1st! Just that little bit excited now and the count down has begun. See ya

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another Tuesday

The weeks are rolling by, I cannot believe how quick this year is going.the weather has gotten cold and wet, but I don't mind that. I have been working on my knitting and crochetting while listening to audio books. OMG they are fantastic, I used to have to decided between crafting or reading but now I do both! I have found a fee audiobook site and have up just finished bram stokers dracular and now I'm half way through uncle toms cabin. I love new technology! But for now I better get up and get my bottom into gear, I have quilting class! Have a great Tuesday everyone See ya

Friday, May 04, 2012

Late birthday photos

 Stephanie and her boyfriend Harley at his 21st. it was german themed in honour of his grandfather!
Stephanie and her best friend and my "other"daughter Katie mixing the salad. They had to do it by hand as it keeped coming out of the bowl. This was the morning of Stephs 21st bbq.
And here is the birthday girl cutting her cake. There were so many photographers you could be mistaken and thought she was a Kardashian! lol
The years are flying by and all the kids that once camped in my loung and needed us to get them around are all grown up, settled into their lives and really dont need us at all.
But all is good with the world
see ya

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Out of Love

Hello everyone I just wanted to tell you about a book I have just read on Kindle. What an amazing book!
Its  written by a strong woman who has been abused since she was a very small child by the person who most of all should protect you.
Its and honest and open account of her life and how as an adult it affected her life.
She tells of her struggles to come to terms with her past and aims to make a better future for herself and her family.
I could not put it down and read it, in just a few hours this morning!
I wholeheartedly recoment this book to anyone who has ever had to overcome obsticles or issues from their past.
Believe me if this lady can come through it with her mind intact and her love for humanity still strong then we all can.
I hope you take the time to download this and read it.
I dont think you will be disapointed.
see ya