Thursday, May 24, 2012

Elizabeth Rimbas

Elizabeth Rimbas is 95 years old. She has born and raised 7 children and buried one of them. She has helped raise 14 grandchildren and buried one of them. She has lived long enough to see 11 great grandchildren be born and head changed the nappies of every single one of them. She has buried her mother and father and her husban and even a son in law. She was a woman who lived through two world wars and a hard life but she was strong and taugh all her descendants that no matter what family comes first. She pased away this morning between 6 and 7 am. I had been at the hospital all night with her and had only left two hours earlier as we just could no long wait or it would not be safe for us to drive home. My last words to her we're that it was ok for her to go home. I didnt need to tell her I loved her because she always would say that she knew that. She is my grandmother, a woman that showed me what is was to be a rod of steel in a nurturing body. I will miss every every day of the rest of my life.


Cathy said...


Love from Cathy

Sandies' Patch said...

What an amazing woman, now we know where you got your great qualities from.
Sending you loving vibes and virtual hugs to help with the pain of loss.

Sandie xx

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

She sounds like a women we all wish to aspire to be like.
One can feel how missed she will be.
Love Leanne

Grammy said...

Hugs from me too. But I am very happy you got to know her. And receive her love. That is a true blessing. Peace be with you and your family.

Bryhn Peace said...

Many Blessings and love sent your way. It is so hard to lose someone you love so much. But she had a good long life, though it was hard, she I am sure saw many wonderful things too. I am sure you will treasure the memories of her life and I am sorry for your loss.

Susan said...

Aw Angela, I'm glad I scrolled back and saw this post. What a wonderful tribute to an obviously cherished Grandmother. She sounds like a woman who has lived her life for everyone and loved every minute of it. Hugs, Susan xx

linda may said...

Ok swetie, after reading bak through some of your blog, now I am feeling the meaning of some of those not so positive posts you had on FB. Sorry for your loss.