Saturday, August 29, 2009

The weather and other things

The weather is still crazy here but due to my hormones and hot flushes I am not feeling the cold at all.
Even though its still August, its feeling very much like spring is here. I am getting that urge to go out and plant lots of seedlings, and the feeling grows stronger every day.
If only it would stop raining for one day, then it can continue.
Luckily some of this rain has fallen in the catchment areas, that has to be a positive.
On the domestic front, HA HA, baby girl is in the middle of her last school play ever!
This year they are performing Beauty and the Beast.
Once again she is dancing a quite a few of the dances and is having a ball. She and her best friend were really haming it up for us last night and laughing and having a great time.
There is another show tonight and two more night ones next week.
I have got tickets to all of the shows as usual, I will miss this when she finishes high school. Hopefully when she gets to uni she will be able to keep dancing and at least I will still have her concerts to go to.
Times they are a changing
see ya

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blow wind blow

Well we are still here. I really expected to be in the land of Oz this morning.
Not much damage here but in some places whole trees have been ripped out of the ground.
And apparently we still have two more days to go until the winds die down.
I may still get to see the wiz after all.
see ya

Saturday, August 22, 2009

why is it?

Why is it that your parents can push your buttons so effectively.
Why is it that all the unresolved anger can still erupt and leave you feeling hollow and empty inside.
Why is it that even though I know this it still surprises me when it happens
I DO NOT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting used to change

As you all know I have finished "working" outside the home, and have started "working" in the office of our own business.
It is alot better this time around, for starters I dont have toddlers to deal with. My son is acually working here as the apprentice!
And this time I feel appreciated, which is a new one in my world.
So working across the paddock form home is great. I do the morning chores, walk over and spent a couple of hours in the office, then go home to organise dinner.
I am loving this arrangement this time.
So I am embracing the changes in my life, and they are embracing me.
So not me. But see I do eventually learn.
see ya

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Double trouble

Not really just twice the blessings. Our second ewe had given birth to twins.
Its the first pregnancy for both the sheep and both of them have done really well. They are great mothers and the ram is a proud protective dad.
Hopefully I will get photos soon.
see ya

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Strange is going on

Something strange is happening with the weather. Its cold,wet and very windy. But thats normal for this time of year. The strange thing is the fruit trees all think its time to wake up and have lots of blossoms and even some leaves showing.
We had a very warm day only s few days ago, but can one day do this?
With the climate changing can all the plants be confused?
I know we are prone to frosts until September here, so I am worried that any chance of fruit will be lost.
Has this happened to anyone before, and is this signalling a very long hot summer?
If anyone has any answers please let me know.
Its all very strange indeed.

Friday, August 07, 2009

moody blues

Feeling a little low today.
Not sure why.
Like a small boat adrift in an emotional sea
I am being knocked about and not knowing why, I have no rudder to steer with.
Maybe its just the full moon, and lots of rain today.
Tomorrow will be better I'm sure.
Just one of those things.
see ya

Monday, August 03, 2009

At Long Last

At long last the chickens I got from a chicken farm in the area have started to lay. I got them at least 6 months ago and have never gotton one egg from them.
This morning in the nesting box, an old grass catcher filled with hay, there were three beautiful brown eggs.
It has taken the poor things this long to get all their feathers back and get some weight on them, they were very skinny sad looking things when I got them.
So now they are much happier, healthier and we have enought day light.
No more buying eggs, and lots of baking.
There goes the diet!
see ya

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Well it sure doesn't get any better than this. Woke this morning to find a new pure white little bundle in the paddock. A brand new lamb. We have not had much luck with new lambs but I hold great hope for this little one.
First of all it isn't as little as the others and this time the mothers are in a lot better shape too.
There is plenty of green feed and we have lots of hay as well.
Hope to get some pics soon. The other ewe is looking close too. Her udder is very swollen and full looking.
A great Imbolc, how was yours?