Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to feel like a fool

1, get a job you havnt a clue how to do.
2, then try and do it
3, feel like a fool
see so easy.
see ya

Monday, May 30, 2011

optometrist appointment

Today I had an optometrists appointment. Its been two years since my last visit and my eyes have gone down hill.
I cannot see street signs until I am almost past them, and at night its considerably worse.
So it was no surprise that I need glasses to drive with. I also needed to change the script in my reading glasses. So a new script for my glasses, plus another pair for driving, plus one pair of perscription sunglasses and the bill came to over $900.00. I was gobsmacked. I rang hubby and told him and he said just get them as its cheaper than burying me. So I did and now wait for a week to get them. Thank goodness its only once every two years I have to go. I have been assured by the nice lady at the counter that my glasses for driving will not need to be changed for about 4 years although my reading glasses will probably get worse every time. Its part of getting older, thanks!
so its a good thing that I dont buy designer clothes, or smoke or party hard. I couldnt affort to do all that and get new glasses.
I will post pics with my new eyes when I get them. You will have to be honest and tell me how I look.
see ya

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red shield appeal

Today is the first day of the appeal, I have been asked to collect along my street. So I will motivate myself and leave soon. There are not footpaths along my road and the mud its ankle deep so I will be driving to the houses.
I know sounds lazy but with all of us on properties each house is pretty far from the next, great place to live but not so good for letter drops or door knocks.
Hope you have a great weekend
see ya

Friday, May 27, 2011

Crash and burn

After a very full on day yesterday, packed with lots of unexpected delays, I have officially crashed today. I was so tired that I thanked god for slow cookers over and over again. I had my dinner, waited for hubby to get home, Talked to him for a little while and then hit the bed. I was inbed and asleep by 7.30pm.
And I didnt wake till 7 this morning. But I am feeling it let me tell you. So I will plod around at home today, and try and get some energy back.
Chemo when ok, when they eventually gave it to her! Thats a long story for another time. She  was very tired because of the antihistamines so we got her home and into bed at around 4.30, her appointment was at 11.30 and usually takes around 2 hours.
Hopefully next time it wont take as long.
see ya

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Up early

Up early today,
got the slow cooker on,
The fire is stacked as if I was going to bed.
Morning tea has been organised for the boys
Now all I have to do is get me ready.
off to the doctors So that Bec can get her check up and then off to chemo for Leanne.
After her reaction to the stuff last time they will drug her up with antihistamines so we will
be wheelchairing her out and putting her to bed when we get home.
I have turned off word verification so if you leave a comment please let me know if it has worked.
Im still just learning all this after nearly 3 years, haha I know very slow
see ya

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Its cold and wet,
A perfect day to stay inside and quilt!
So off to class I go
see ya

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nothing Nicer

I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing nicer than a hot shower.
It makes you feel human again.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slipper Little sucker

Well dear hubby has more moves than a bucket full of worms!
Yesterday he decided to buy a car that he has been investigatin for about a week now. Only problem its in Queensland. I was not impressed! After the fiasco of the Sydney car I told him he had to get it checked out properly. So he got RACQ to check it out, and they got a local mechanic to do a through safety check. The mechanic told hubby that it was a perfect car and that if he decided he wasnt going to buy it, he would.
That sealed the deal. So he got on the net and booked at ticket and I had to drive him to Avalon to get on the plane. I am worried about him driving all that way by himself, but because it was all sudden we had no one to drive us to the airport. Wonderson, who is going halfs in the car, cannot drive still. And baby girl was sent home yesterday from work because she was acually sick.
So that left me to drive to airport and him to drive the blessed car home.
The car is a 4wd and he and wonderson are planing on going bushbashing. Now we used to go alot when the kids were little, and the guys were half sensible because they had their families with them. I am more than a little worried about the boys going by themselfs.
You know the young buck, and the old man thinking he is still young.
You know its a wonder I havnt hit the bottle with those two in my life. Never a dull moment in this place!
I hope your lives are a little more calm, than mine at the moment. All well at least its nice to see the boys playing together.
see ya

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A date with hubby

Today hubby left work early and took me to The Melbourne Museum to see the Tutankhamun exhibition. I love going to the museum and I really love all the exhibits from Egypt.
Because it was a week day it wasnt busy at all and we were able to take our time and see everything up close. Then we had a souvalaki from Lambs on Lygon street and drove home.
It was really lovely to just have the day out. He said he really felt good to leave work and all the stress to our son. We felt like a couple of kids waggin school.
Then I went to a ladies pamper night at Leannes nieces school.
So all in all I have had a great day.
see ya

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump day

Its the middle of the week and its a beautiful sunny day.
Deviled sausages are cooking in the slow cooker and they smell wonderful. I have never made it before so hopefully the family will like it.
It was very foggy this morning and quite scary to drive in it.
But I will enjoy the sun for as long as it shines, more rain is forcast for this week.
Happy to report that my attempted amputation of my little finger was a failure, and it is healing nicely.
It looks like a little man wearing a top hat. lol
After quilting class today I am motivated to keep sewing.
So that is what I am going to do
see ya

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dont you hate it

dont you hate it when you start to slice onions, and end up slicing the end of you pinky off instead.
makes typing very hard.
see ya

Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy busy

This morning I awoke before the alarm, so I hit the ground running.
First off load wood into fire, so its nice and warm when everyone else gets up.
Hit the gym and work on upper body strength, I have no upper body strenght.
Get home and have breadfast clean floors and general tidy up.
unload and load dishwasher,
Go back out and do grocery shop
Get home put groceries away, clean toliet and bathrooms.
Now I am exhausted. Too tired to even shower, so I will sit and read blogs.
then shower and do some knitting.
I will then get ready for afternoon shift,
of feed animals,
cook tea
and fold and put washing away.
I really dont like mondays.
see ya

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Storm Clouds

I took these photos just a few minutes before a rain storm complete with hail hit. Its looking south and the wild had picked up.
I love the colour of the sky just before a storm. Over my head and to the north there was blue sky peeking out of the clouds, so the change in light was quiet dramatic.
Looks great doesnt it!
see ya

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Very Very Cold

The weather has turned bitterly cold here. Its wet and windy and and icy wind is coming from the south pole and right into our bones.
So the fire is going strong and I have the slow cooker going so that tonight when hubby gets home he will have a hearty, hot stew to warm him up.
Im off to quilting class this morning and then the plan is to get home and get under one of my quilts watch a DVD and continue my knitting.
I really love Winter!
see ya

Monday, May 09, 2011

On my Needles

 Making slippers to keep feet warm.
 Baby blankets for friends awaiting their new arrivals.
 Fluffy scarfs, just because I love them!
Using up the odds and ends to become another blankie for the couch.
I love winter, whats on your needles?
see ya

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

To all the mums out there, may you have a very happy mothers day.
I hope you all get spoilt rotton.
You deserve it!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Quiet Saturday morning

I am up and have been very busy this morning. Already I have a pecan pie in the oven and washing in the machine. Just about to enjoy my breakfast.
The pie is for my nieces birthday afternoon tea today. Her birthday was on the 5th but we are having a family get together today.
I plan to go and get the seedlings and mulch this morning so I can finish the vegie garden. Its supposed to rain tomorrow so they will get a good watering.
Today is supposed to be an ok day and no rain, so I hope to get all the washing on the line nice and early and dry.
Hubby has a 50th to go to tonight, but I think I might just stay home and curl up with a book. I will see how I feel.
Have a great weekend everyone.
see ya

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby Steps

I have decided to celebrate the small stuff.
Today I was able to get to gym and work hard for half an hour.
I then tackled the raised garden bed. It has been neglected for ages now and was pretty bad. But I just plodded along and got one done. The second one, which was the better of the two, I will try and get to tomorrow.
Then I should be able to plant out the winter crop. I know its abit later than usual but with the temps still being around the mid 20's I didnt want to plant the seedlings only to have them bolt on me. Which they had done one other year.
So I have been very good today, but now I defenately need a rest so I will find one of my various UFO's and sit quietly and get busy with that.
Hope you have a great day.
see ya

Monday, May 02, 2011

Another week

Well its Monday again, were is the year going!
Winter looks like its finally settled in and its been raining all night.
Everyone here has the flu, I only just got back to the gym today and I was only able to do half an hour before exhaustion hit.
So I got some day old bread from the bakery for the pigs and came straight home.
The fire is going and its toasty warm in here. So here I will stay and do some knitting or other type of craft. Learning to live with Chronic fatigue syndrome is harder than I thought. I still want to do what Iv always been able to do but even just getting sick makes a huge impact on my life.
I have noticed that If I dont eat right and dont get a good nights sleep it also makes a big difference. So easter, and the choc overload, and staying up to watch the wedding, and the flu have left me very flat.
But a couple of days rest and I should be able to function again.
Hope your all healthy out there,
see ya