Thursday, May 26, 2011

Up early

Up early today,
got the slow cooker on,
The fire is stacked as if I was going to bed.
Morning tea has been organised for the boys
Now all I have to do is get me ready.
off to the doctors So that Bec can get her check up and then off to chemo for Leanne.
After her reaction to the stuff last time they will drug her up with antihistamines so we will
be wheelchairing her out and putting her to bed when we get home.
I have turned off word verification so if you leave a comment please let me know if it has worked.
Im still just learning all this after nearly 3 years, haha I know very slow
see ya


granny said...

I hope all goes well today :0)

granny said...

It worked,lol!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a very busy day already. I hope things go smoothly the rest of the day.

comments look fine....