Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby Steps

I have decided to celebrate the small stuff.
Today I was able to get to gym and work hard for half an hour.
I then tackled the raised garden bed. It has been neglected for ages now and was pretty bad. But I just plodded along and got one done. The second one, which was the better of the two, I will try and get to tomorrow.
Then I should be able to plant out the winter crop. I know its abit later than usual but with the temps still being around the mid 20's I didnt want to plant the seedlings only to have them bolt on me. Which they had done one other year.
So I have been very good today, but now I defenately need a rest so I will find one of my various UFO's and sit quietly and get busy with that.
Hope you have a great day.
see ya


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

have you met Crystal?

Listening to your body is hard but you will find soo worth it. ((HUGS)))

Love Leanne

E said...

That is awesome,You are doing great.
I need to start some baby steps too. Send you a big hug. E