Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slipper Little sucker

Well dear hubby has more moves than a bucket full of worms!
Yesterday he decided to buy a car that he has been investigatin for about a week now. Only problem its in Queensland. I was not impressed! After the fiasco of the Sydney car I told him he had to get it checked out properly. So he got RACQ to check it out, and they got a local mechanic to do a through safety check. The mechanic told hubby that it was a perfect car and that if he decided he wasnt going to buy it, he would.
That sealed the deal. So he got on the net and booked at ticket and I had to drive him to Avalon to get on the plane. I am worried about him driving all that way by himself, but because it was all sudden we had no one to drive us to the airport. Wonderson, who is going halfs in the car, cannot drive still. And baby girl was sent home yesterday from work because she was acually sick.
So that left me to drive to airport and him to drive the blessed car home.
The car is a 4wd and he and wonderson are planing on going bushbashing. Now we used to go alot when the kids were little, and the guys were half sensible because they had their families with them. I am more than a little worried about the boys going by themselfs.
You know the young buck, and the old man thinking he is still young.
You know its a wonder I havnt hit the bottle with those two in my life. Never a dull moment in this place!
I hope your lives are a little more calm, than mine at the moment. All well at least its nice to see the boys playing together.
see ya


Raelene said...

Your life is like mine, Crazy Crazy.

How we women cope with hubbys is unknown. Now stop telling me scary stories about what the boys will be up to when they get to wonderson age.
Imagaine how grey I will be then!


Cathy said...

Definitely a case of Men and their toys!
Maybe now is the time to ask for another charm to go on the bracelet lol