Saturday, July 28, 2012

wave rock

Many years ago I was watching a show called Ask the Leyland Brothers. Many australians would know this show. It was two brothers and their familys traveling all over Australia and showing us what a wonderful country we lived in.
While watching this show I remember seeing they brothers at a place called Wave Rock. I loved this place and decided that one day I would go and see this massive rock for myself. I would of been about 8 years old and I have always remembered it.
well today I finally got there. It was just as amazing in real life.
Hubby remembered the same episode and he said he too had decided to visit this rock too because of it.
It really does look like a wave.
I hope you enjoy the photos.
see ya

monkey Mia

 we spent a day at Monkey Mia. For those that dont know monkey mia is where a pod of dolphins have been coming in to be feed since the 60's. A crowd gathers when they come in and only about 3 lucky people are chosen to hand feed the dolphins. We decided to view them from the board walk and a couple acually swam past us and under the pier on the way out to see. In the top photo you can see don walking back to the pier from our camp site so we can get onboard of this sail boat and go on a three hour cruise.

/This is one of the many dolphins we saw but the are so quick you cannot get a good shot. on the cruise we also saw a huge turtle. it was very exciting. It was a sunny day but very windy, great for sailing but very cold.
If you are ever in this part of the world I hope you stop in its well worth it

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 we havnt had internet in a few days so here is a quick update for you. we visited a dish in carnavon that was used during the lunar landing in 1969. Buzz Aldran opened the museum and left his signature and finger prints in concrete for us.
 This is the dish that is no longer in use its huge and we camped in the caravan park under it. Below is don in a replica of the acual module used by the astronoughts. Its very small and considering todays washing machines have more tech in them than the first lunar landing module kinda scary too

 last night we stayed just outside monkey mia at Hamelin pool caravan park a short walk from the stromatolites. I have seen fozilised Stromatolites but never living ones. they were amazing.
so today we are at monkey mia and have already seen some dolphins that came in this morning to visit and get a feed. We are booking in for a cruise this after noon and with this company you also get a free sunset cruise too! Hopefully we will see more dolphines and some dugongs too
hope your having a great day
see ya

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

camel rides on cable beach

as promised here is a shot of Sue and I on our camel. The boys did not go for the camel ride but drove the 4x4's on the beach. it was a bit scary as they got up and again as they got down but as for the ride it was quite enjoyable. Better than horse riding I think.
The view of cable beach was amazing and the weather was a warm sunny 29degrees cel. Its something I will alway remember and I am very glad I did it!
see ya


we are here at broome, in WA and we are lucky enough to be staying at stewart douglass' brothers crocodile farm.  Don is friends with steward and he offered us this place. our camp is about 10-15 meters from the crocs. if you dont know meters just take 10-15 large steps and thats approx it. above is a photo of one of our neighbours.below is a photo of camp from his cage.

 at the Broome port this ship had just come in and so we took the long walk out to have a better look at her. hopefully next year, if I dont kill him first, hubby and I will be on one of these heading to new zealand for our 25th wedding anniversary.
 we whent on a on a history talk about the pearl diving industry that started the town of Broome, and I tried on this helmet. we all had a go and when it was my turn they told me to make a funny face! luckily its on a stand, its very very heavy! I was chosen to be the model for this necklace of irregular pearls, dont they look great. They are worth $9,000.00. needless to say don said no I couldnt have them. Spoil sport.

And this little beauty is one of the largest pearls ever and is worth a cool $100,000.00. I didnt even pick it up I was too frightened I might drop it!
We had a great day and today we are booked in to go on a camel ride, so be ready for some funny shots of that!
see ya

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A starry night

No photos today, they wouldn't have made justice to the sight I saw during the night. Do I will try and describe it to you. Sometime during the night it got windy and don was worried about the awning so we got up to roll it up. When the awning rolled up I looked up at the night sky. OMG I will try to help you see what I saw. Imagine a blueblack velvet piece of canvas, then imagine getting a couple of handfuls of silver glitter. Now throw the glitter accros the velvet like you were sowing seeds so thqy scatter in a starburst way! There were so many stars out I had never seen so many before. I stood and just look, it was amazing! The scene touched me and I understand Pythagoras saying there is music in the spheres of the stars. There was a majesty that I never really understood before. I watched for about two whole minutes and then reluctantly went back to bed. I hooe this makes sense to you, See ya

Saturday, July 14, 2012

flight over kununara

 here we are getting ready to take off, this red one is the plane Im going to go in.
 the flights were so booked out that the only way we could go today was for me and don to be in seperate planes, I took this photo while I was in my plane and he was waiting to get onto his. he was a lucky boy and got to sit in the front with the pilot!
this is lake Argyle, the largest inland lake in australia! it was huge, it supplies water for irrigation and mining. its also used by the hydro electric plant. but its not used for drinking in kununara they use bore water for that.
 these are the bungle bungles, they looked amazing. There were acres of them and they glisened in the sun.
This is a shot of the Argyle Diamond mine, unfortunately we didnt get any samples but its the largest diamond mine in the world.
I hope you had fun flying with me today, happy landings to you all
see ya

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Katherine Gorge river cruise

 here we are just setting off down the gorge.
 this is the bit between the gorges, we did a two gorge cruise so we had to get out of the boat and walk over this section and then get into a second boat. there we paths to walk on so we didnt have to walk through the water.

 these are shots of the second gorge.
Here we are with our windblown hair enjoying the cruise.
see ya

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sunset cruise at katherine

 we went on a dusk/night cruise on the river to see wild crocs.  here is a little one we spotted on the river bank. they dont look like much but boy they can move fast!
 The sun going down, now it was getting harder to spot the crocs and I started to get a little apprehnsive. Part of the cruise was a bbq dinner by the banks, everyone was a little skiddish about going first in the dark so I led the way. I was swinging my torch very wide, I mean Im brave but not stupid!
This is mouse, he often comes when he sees the lights and the guides feed him. he hasnt been for three weeks and was looking thin according to the guys! He is 50 years old and he has lost all his teeth. Still scary and he can still break your arm or leg. I was about two meters, approx 6 foot, away from him and hubby kept trying to pull me away but I want to get a good shot of him.

he wasnt happy when the food ran out!
never smile at a crocodile lol
see ya

The devils marbles

these rock formations were covering an area known as the devils marbles. They were quite amazing and some were perfectly sphered and balancing on each other. I dont know much about them as there was no signage to tell me. or I couldnt find any! it was only a quick stop so I rushed to get the few photos I could.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Alice Springs

well this morning we are getting organised to leave Alice. We have spent two days here and it was good to not have to get up and drive anywhere. Then we headed back to camp for tea and we could see the fireworks so it was a good day.
Yesterday the girls split from the boys, they wanted to see the hall of fame trucks museum.
we didnt! So we were off to see the old goal and pioneer womens exhibition. Sorry forgot to take my camera so I didnt get any shots! But there were lots of wonderful memorbilia and pioneering stories. The outback could not have been settled without these women and I am proud of what they endured and achieved.
Then we were accosted by a group of indigines who were painting in the medium strip in the middle of the road and sue bought a painint by one of the women who was just finishing it.
we then walked to the royal flying doctor service and saw a 15 minute movie on the history of the RFDS. wow what a wonderful organisation. I got some souveniers and then we meet the boys in town and don and I headed home as I had had enough by then, but sue and keith were off to buy some things they needed.
So the boys have gone into town to see if they can pick up some things they couldnt get over the weekend and then we will get going. we hope to stay the night at an side of the road overnight camp spot just past tennant creek tonight and then off to Katherine in the morning.
have a great day everyone
see ya

Thursday, July 05, 2012

what a day

 we left camp early this morning with the full moon going down over the horizon. we were headed off to Uluru to see the massive rock that australia is famous for.
 Here we are going to the olgas, they are a bunch of rocks near uluru and are a sacred region for the local indigenis tribes. They even have a canyon made by the rocks they call the canyon of the winds and boy does it ever get windy.
This is my favourite colour the rock turned during the sunset, you cant really tell in the pic but it looked like the rock was on fire. We drove all around the rock but I didnt acually get to touch it. If we get time tomorrow we will just pop in and I will get up close and personal but its such a sacred place I dont feel as though I should.
Off to alice springs tomorrow
see ya when I can get internet access

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

coober pedy

I know two posts in one day! Here are some photos I took in Coober Pedy today. They are an underground home and of an opal mine. The photos are out of order but the first and last are of the home. it was dug out in the 1970's and the middle two are of the mine. It was very interesting to see how they live here. I wouldnt mind living under ground. its a comfortable 22 degrees cel all year round no matter what the weather is upbove.
stay tuned for more pics soon. we hope to get to uluru tomorrow
see ya

aussie outback

just some shots I took while driving yesterday. we have just pulled in at cooper pedy. We have a mine tour tonight and we will do some exploring today. Hopefully I will be able to post more photos tomorrow. It all depends on reception for the internet.
have a great day everyone, especially all those who have rain. Its sunny here its about 14 deg cels but the best part is NO RAIN!
see ya

Monday, July 02, 2012

Road trip

Well we have left cold and wet melbourne and spent the first night of our road trip in hanhdorf. We got in late and it was dark but we quickly set up and had tea at the pub leanne and I fell in love with the last time we were in hanhdorf. The it was in bed and up again to continue driving. I am typing this while we are at port Augusta in south Australia we have stopped for fuel and have decided to keep driving till just before dark and stop on the side of the road to camp the night. That way we will get into cooper pedy tomorrow morning and we will spend the day there. Hopefully I will have pics to post then. See ya