Saturday, July 14, 2012

flight over kununara

 here we are getting ready to take off, this red one is the plane Im going to go in.
 the flights were so booked out that the only way we could go today was for me and don to be in seperate planes, I took this photo while I was in my plane and he was waiting to get onto his. he was a lucky boy and got to sit in the front with the pilot!
this is lake Argyle, the largest inland lake in australia! it was huge, it supplies water for irrigation and mining. its also used by the hydro electric plant. but its not used for drinking in kununara they use bore water for that.
 these are the bungle bungles, they looked amazing. There were acres of them and they glisened in the sun.
This is a shot of the Argyle Diamond mine, unfortunately we didnt get any samples but its the largest diamond mine in the world.
I hope you had fun flying with me today, happy landings to you all
see ya


Grammy said...

Thanks for letting me sit om your lap. If you really think about it I am in your lap top and I pad. hehe. love the photos. :)

linda may said...

I went up there with my Mum after my Dad passed away.About 1999 I think, I didn't go in that plane though. Especially after I watched the other people go on it and have to stand on a pair of scales so the pilot could work out who to sit where to balance the load, hahaha.
Later on at El Questro station I also declined a helicopter trip and the bloody thing fell down, luckily they were not hurt badly.

Snowbrush said...

"Bungle bungles"? How cute the name is.

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