Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sunset cruise at katherine

 we went on a dusk/night cruise on the river to see wild crocs.  here is a little one we spotted on the river bank. they dont look like much but boy they can move fast!
 The sun going down, now it was getting harder to spot the crocs and I started to get a little apprehnsive. Part of the cruise was a bbq dinner by the banks, everyone was a little skiddish about going first in the dark so I led the way. I was swinging my torch very wide, I mean Im brave but not stupid!
This is mouse, he often comes when he sees the lights and the guides feed him. he hasnt been for three weeks and was looking thin according to the guys! He is 50 years old and he has lost all his teeth. Still scary and he can still break your arm or leg. I was about two meters, approx 6 foot, away from him and hubby kept trying to pull me away but I want to get a good shot of him.

he wasnt happy when the food ran out!
never smile at a crocodile lol
see ya


Sharon said...

What an amazing adventure! I imagine those jaws could still inflict some damage! Beautiful sunset!

Thanks for taking me along!

Grammy said...

Awesome photos. He looks like a pet.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

YIKES, way brave.....
Love Leanne