Thursday, July 05, 2012

what a day

 we left camp early this morning with the full moon going down over the horizon. we were headed off to Uluru to see the massive rock that australia is famous for.
 Here we are going to the olgas, they are a bunch of rocks near uluru and are a sacred region for the local indigenis tribes. They even have a canyon made by the rocks they call the canyon of the winds and boy does it ever get windy.
This is my favourite colour the rock turned during the sunset, you cant really tell in the pic but it looked like the rock was on fire. We drove all around the rock but I didnt acually get to touch it. If we get time tomorrow we will just pop in and I will get up close and personal but its such a sacred place I dont feel as though I should.
Off to alice springs tomorrow
see ya when I can get internet access


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Beautiful special place!
Thanks for sharing I'm enjoying the ride.
Love Leanne

Grammy said...

I would take my shoes off and touch it. The energy and ancestors would not have an issue if it is done with respect. Here the native Americans leave a gift of tobacco. And ask spirit.

Sharon said...

Beautiful! I am crazy for rocks and that is so awesome!

linda may said...

G'Day Angela, Great pics mate. And I love that you are respecting the indigenous peoples customs regarding the rock.