Sunday, July 15, 2012

A starry night

No photos today, they wouldn't have made justice to the sight I saw during the night. Do I will try and describe it to you. Sometime during the night it got windy and don was worried about the awning so we got up to roll it up. When the awning rolled up I looked up at the night sky. OMG I will try to help you see what I saw. Imagine a blueblack velvet piece of canvas, then imagine getting a couple of handfuls of silver glitter. Now throw the glitter accros the velvet like you were sowing seeds so thqy scatter in a starburst way! There were so many stars out I had never seen so many before. I stood and just look, it was amazing! The scene touched me and I understand Pythagoras saying there is music in the spheres of the stars. There was a majesty that I never really understood before. I watched for about two whole minutes and then reluctantly went back to bed. I hooe this makes sense to you, See ya


Grammy said...

Yes, It is amazing to see the sky in different parts of the country. The sky is bigger in Texas too, It is closer to the equator like you are now. But it if farther north than you are. Enjoy heaven on earth.

Unknown said...

That's a sight we tend to take for granted living out here. I love it too and quite often stand in the dark to take it all in. Sue

linda may said...

It is amazing to see the sky when you get out and away from all the lights of the town. Even down sth you can get a sky like that, but up north it is even more magic.