Saturday, July 28, 2012

wave rock

Many years ago I was watching a show called Ask the Leyland Brothers. Many australians would know this show. It was two brothers and their familys traveling all over Australia and showing us what a wonderful country we lived in.
While watching this show I remember seeing they brothers at a place called Wave Rock. I loved this place and decided that one day I would go and see this massive rock for myself. I would of been about 8 years old and I have always remembered it.
well today I finally got there. It was just as amazing in real life.
Hubby remembered the same episode and he said he too had decided to visit this rock too because of it.
It really does look like a wave.
I hope you enjoy the photos.
see ya

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The Herbalist's Cottage said...

oooh this is wonderful.
I need to put this on my bucket list!
Love Leanne