Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Good morning everyone. I am currently at the nullabour road hour. We stayed here last night and by god it was cold! My flash sticky thing, tec term that one, has run out so I won't be able to post pics till I get home now. Should be in about five days we think. Yesterday we stopped on the road  so I could look at the great Australian bight, and we saw a whale. So I'm hopeing that today in ceduna we see some and I will be close enough to get some shots for you. Hope your all well, I'm not really ready to go home yet but I suppose I better go back to reality.
See ya


Sharon said...

Flash sticky thing - love it! I do know what you are talking about. I think we both must speak non-geek.

Oh, lucky you to see a whale!

Sorry to see your trip come to an end, reality isn't that much fun...


Grammy said...

You don't have to go home. You can hop on a plane and come here. :)

Unknown said...

I've just had time to catch up on your holiday. What was that you said? Time to go home! Bummer. You'd better start saving for the next one and don't forget to pop in here and say hello.
Looks like you've had a great holiday, so I can understand your reluctance to go home. Sue