Saturday, January 28, 2012

 today we spent out on the water and it was nice to be able to sit in the sun and catch some fish. hubby wanted to go out of westernport and into the ocean. I was a little scared at first but I did it. He on the other hand didnt have breakfast and spent some time with his head over the side of the boat as it was very choppy and the rocking and rolling made him sick. He felt much better after a sleep. we also got going and headed back into the bay where the water was alot calmer.
And this is what we got, six nice flathead which hubby is now cooking up for our dinner.
hope you all have a great weekend and for those in queensland stay dry and safe.
see ya

Monday, January 23, 2012

pumpkins and tomatoes

 this year we decided to plant the pumpkins in with the roses. we had kept the geese in their so the ground was well manured. If you look closely you can see two little golden nuggets almost ready for me to eat.
Here we have the queensland blue, I think, as you can see there are still lots of flowers so I think there are more pumpkins coming. although it might be a little late now. should I remove these do you think?
All the tomatoes are ripening nicely and I spent sunday making this sauce for my spaggetti and slow cooking over winter. some have home grown oregano in them and some have onions from the garden. Yummo!
if your in the south how are your harvests going? Still lots of cucumbers and green tomatoes in my garden, the beans have just about finished but soon the spuds will be dug up.
see ya

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hello everyone

hello everyone, its been a weird kinda couple of days. I've been keeping busy and I have not been on the computer much. will try and catch up with all your blogs, but for now the heat is on in Melbourne and I have been getting up early to water the vegetables and then taking naps in the afternoon. I hope you are all well, the new way of eating is going well. The detox from sugar is over and no more headaches. So stay cool if your in the heat, and stay dry and warm if its winter in your world.
see ya

Friday, January 13, 2012

A hectic week

Hello everyone. I'm back after a terrible week. It started on Monday. Leanne was here enjoying a morning coffee when a phone call from her daughter had us going out the door in a hurry. She was in extreme pain and wanted to go to the hospital. Leanne as if I could go with her and of course I did. We spent the day in cases medical emergency and after the decided it was just constipation sent us home. Poor tiff spent the next 24 hours in pain until Wednesday night the pain got so bad again leanne took her to dandenong hospital. They said that she would not go home until they found out what it was. Wednesday we waited all day for scans to be done and she was scheduled for surgery to have her appendix taken out. But an emergency came in so she was delayed till Thursday. Thursday came and she whent in for her surgery and when she came out they said that they found something else and a doctor would speak to leanne about it. Now knowing Leanne's history of ovarian cancer, she freaked out and rang me. I got hubby to drop me off at the hospital and her step mum Rebecca was there too. She had received the same phone call and we both didnt want her to be alone. So it was the three amigos again. The doctor did come and see us and bec had to go. So lea and I waited. We were getting anxious by this stage and leanne decided to speak to someone's the nurse was nice and told her it wasnt cancer on the file probably an infection. So we left and hopefully tiff was told last night exactly what it was or leanne will find out today. Let me tell you I am exhausted. During all this I had a balance from mym old kinesiology teacher and I have been put on a new diet to cleanse my liver. No meat, no dairy, no eggs. So during this I have been having the headache from hell as my body gets used to the healthier way of eating. Detoxing is never fun. So there you are I hope your week has been less hectic See ya

Saturday, January 07, 2012


This little critter is a bushy tail possum. Not really sure if its his official name but thats what we call them. he has been living the good life in my roof about my bedroom for well over a year. I have gotton used to him coming and going but hubby never heard him. Until recently!  As soon as it interfered with his sleep he didnt bother to do anything about it. But now he cant sleep in like he wants, so we borrowed the trap from a neighbour and last night fluffy here took the bait. My daughter named a possum who used to live in our roof when she was a little girl fluffy, it helped her not be afraid of he noises it made.
You have to be very vigilent when maintaining a roof here in the bush as one loose tile and they push it to one side and move right in.
so now we will take fluffy for a long drive, and find him a new home in the bush. it has to be more than  kilometers as they are territorial and come back! Hubby will fix the roof and hopefully when a new possum moves into this territory, which one will eventually will, it will not be able to move into our roof.
see ya

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Here are the beets all canned and will be ready to eat in a few weeks. There are 3 large jars and one medium.
We planted some beetroots that werent a purple colour and have been mixed through all the jars so it will be interesting to see how they tast.
This was from one punnet of seedlings and I even pulled some up while they were growing to cook up and eat. so I am happy with the result. I have got another punnet so I will be planting those as soon as the sun goes from the raised garden patch.
see ya


As I type my beets are in the canner after a busy morning of processing them. Love home canned Beetroots. I will go and get some seedlings from bunnings and try for a second crop. Will pots pics as soon as they are done.
How is your harvest going?
See ya

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Forty five!

Today is my birthday. I normally don't do birthdays but I have come to realise that each day is a blessing. So yeah I'm 45 today.
See ya

Monday, January 02, 2012


Well it's the second day of the new year and I really cant believe it. I know time speeds up as you get older but this is ridiculous.
I spent the morning watering the vegie gardens and collecting anything that is ripe. We pulled up the zucchini as we have heaps processed and ready for winter stews and soups. The beet roots are ready to pull up and bottled and I think I may plant a second lot. Summer is only really just hit so I think a second crop will grow.
I hope you have all recovered from the new year, we had a quiet one with just a few friends and I didn't drink at all and was home in bed by 12.30. So there really wasnt much to recover from. So let's hope this year is a great one, may you all be blessed with health, wealth and happiness.
See ya