Monday, January 02, 2012


Well it's the second day of the new year and I really cant believe it. I know time speeds up as you get older but this is ridiculous.
I spent the morning watering the vegie gardens and collecting anything that is ripe. We pulled up the zucchini as we have heaps processed and ready for winter stews and soups. The beet roots are ready to pull up and bottled and I think I may plant a second lot. Summer is only really just hit so I think a second crop will grow.
I hope you have all recovered from the new year, we had a quiet one with just a few friends and I didn't drink at all and was home in bed by 12.30. So there really wasnt much to recover from. So let's hope this year is a great one, may you all be blessed with health, wealth and happiness.
See ya

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Sharon said...

I would think you could make a second planting of quite a few things, but will probably have to water more. It does sound good - fresh zucchini - Mmm.

We just stayed home and went to bed, I don't have any parties left in me.