Monday, September 27, 2010

an unfulfilled weekend

This weekend was the Grand Final of the AFL football season. The two teams were Collingwood, the team I follow and the St Kilda team. The last time these two teams were in a final together was in 1966, which St Kilda won by one point.
This time we had high hopes of winning and were looking forward to a great game. Well we got the great game and after Collingwood leading all day St Kilda cought up and were in front near the end. But collingwood kicked a goal and were up by one point. At this point of the game I was a mess. Then with a few seconds to go St Kilda kicked a point and the scores were level. Unfortunately the siren went off then to signal the end of the game.
Did they play time on? NO!!!!
They will have a rematch next week!
Another week of stress and worry, another match to sit through with my heart in my throat. Its been 20 years since we have won a flag and my nerves cannot take it.
I might have to have a sedative next week to get through it.
Heres hoping I make it through the week.
see ya

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photos of the new babies

You cant tell but there are eight of them. They are so cute.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is babygirls sunday afternoon mixed netball team. From left to right there is Emily, Kate, babygirl and her boyfriend Harley. I dont know the names of the rest of the team but I do know that the boy on the end in the adidas tshirt is Harleys brother. Emily and Kate are babygirls best friends from school. We mothers and fathers of the three girls, all whent along an watched the match. They played really well and deserved the win.
It was all very exciting and we were all transported back in time when this was a regular outing for us all. Now that they can drive themselves we are no longer needed and sometimes we feel like we are not wanted. But being a grand final we all turned up anyway.
It was great seeing the girls and even though they think they are all grown up us mums know that secretly they were happy to have their mummys there to watch them.
see ya

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One last time

last chemo for Leanne today. And we will never ever need to do it again. Right! If we keep saying it, it will be true.
Please keep our fingers crossed for her.
thanks everyone.
see ya

Monday, September 20, 2010

a bit of a shock really! but a nice one

yep we had a nice shock this morning. Last night I heard the geese going off and panicked. I thought there was a fox and since it was about midnight I couldnt go outside to see. It was so dark that even with a torch I would not be able to see in their home.
So this morning I sent hubby out as I could not face seeing them if they were dead. Mother goose was sitting on a nest and that would of ment that we would of lost the potential new babies too.
Well hubby came back with a big smile on his face an announced that he counted 7 new goslins. He thought that they may even be a couple more but wasnt sure as mum had them all under her wings.
So that was what all the noise was about. I will post pics as soon as I am able to get close enough to take them.
Spring is definately on its way.
see ya

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

dark Clouds

Were are the weeks going? They are flying by so fast. I have been living under a dark cloud lately and I'm not really sure why.
Could it be the toll of all Leanne has gone throught this time with her cancer?
could it be the fact the wonderson has moved out of home and is living with his girlfriend?
could it be this flu that has gotton a hold of me and refuses to let go?
could it be that baby girl has a job and is gone for so long everyday after being home with me many months?
Could it be because of these new developments that I now spend most of the time at home alone?
could it be the weather that hasnt stopped raining for so many weeks that I now have to swim to the chook house to let them Out?
Or is it all of the above?
I dont know, but I do know that I will get from under this cloud and be happy again soon. I hope
see ya

Friday, September 10, 2010

A prize from Granny

Granny from Grannys Garden had a giveaway and I was lucky to be one of the names that were drawn out of the hat.
Today the prize from that giveaway came in the mail, and it was two wonderful pieces of home made soap.
Thank you so much granny, they smell wonderful and I will feel very spoilt using these.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Don

Today is my dear hubbys birthday. He is 49 today. When we first met I was 15 an he was 21. I thought he was cute but way too old for me. when I was 19 and had matured and he was 25 the age difference wasnt so huge. so at 19 he asked me out and the rest as they say is history.
Our romance was a rocky one, just like in the movies, but it has survived.
so Many years on I still think he is a cutie.
Happy birthday honey, love you heaps.
see ya

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Its raining again

the following is from the elders weather site in Australia:

'The last 24 hours has been Victoria's wildest for the year, at least in terms of weather, as torrential downpours flood much of the state, together with damaging winds.

To 9am this morning, rainfall totals ranged anywhere from 30 mm to 50 mm across northern and western VIC, with even greater falls over the alpine region. This makes it one of the wettest September days this century, if not the wettest for many locations.

Bendigo, in the north, was awash with 51 mm to 9am, their wettest September day on record. Compounded with today's falls so far, it's been their wettest 48 hours since 1998.

Ballarat was hit similarly, with the streets awash with 46 mm to 9am, making it the wettest September day in 89 years of records.'

Its been a very wet, cold and windy winter. so much more different to what we have had in recent years. the dams are all filling up and the ground is getting very soggy. I hope this rain eases up soon, I dont know how much more we can absorb.
Our dam is full and any more rain will make it overflow. The poor chickens are trying very hard to stay dry and we have lost our two goats and one ewe to the cold wet conditions.
It really is very different to all the dry hot weather we have been having recently.
I am not looking forward to summer, it may be the exact opposit and we will fry.
lets hope not.
Stay dry everyone in australia
see ya

Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thats how I feel today,
the sun is shinng,
the birds are singing,
Hubby and I are going out tonight
and its Friday almost the weekend.
All is right with the world.
I hope all is right with yours
see ya