Sunday, September 05, 2010

Its raining again

the following is from the elders weather site in Australia:

'The last 24 hours has been Victoria's wildest for the year, at least in terms of weather, as torrential downpours flood much of the state, together with damaging winds.

To 9am this morning, rainfall totals ranged anywhere from 30 mm to 50 mm across northern and western VIC, with even greater falls over the alpine region. This makes it one of the wettest September days this century, if not the wettest for many locations.

Bendigo, in the north, was awash with 51 mm to 9am, their wettest September day on record. Compounded with today's falls so far, it's been their wettest 48 hours since 1998.

Ballarat was hit similarly, with the streets awash with 46 mm to 9am, making it the wettest September day in 89 years of records.'

Its been a very wet, cold and windy winter. so much more different to what we have had in recent years. the dams are all filling up and the ground is getting very soggy. I hope this rain eases up soon, I dont know how much more we can absorb.
Our dam is full and any more rain will make it overflow. The poor chickens are trying very hard to stay dry and we have lost our two goats and one ewe to the cold wet conditions.
It really is very different to all the dry hot weather we have been having recently.
I am not looking forward to summer, it may be the exact opposit and we will fry.
lets hope not.
Stay dry everyone in australia
see ya

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granny said...

The rain arrived here yesterday..came in from the west.Weve had over 29mil over night ! Its definately not cold though !! Quite warm and humid,typical QLD wweather,lol.I even had to search for a Summer nighty last night !Today the flannelete sheets will come off the bed and cotton ones are going on :0)
The fruit trees needed a good drink,so I wont complain and
when the rain stops Ill be out in the gardens ,madly planting.