Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Beltaine

Happy Beltaine to all those in the southern Hemisphere! May your harvests be plentiful and your lives full of abundance.

And to all our friends in the North, a happy halloween to you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Look what I found!

This morning when I walked out side to let the chooks out I walked over what I thought was a bit of

dog poo. Then I noticed it moved!
 Closer inspection revealed that it was a tiny little long neck turtle. Isnt it cute. Its so tiny Im amazed I even saw it.
I had to wait a while for it to poke its head out then I had to sneak up on it to take this shot.
After taking it to the boys for a show and tell, I put it in our dam. It was heading in that direction only on his own he would of had to dodge the chickens and the geese. At least now he has a fighting chance.
what strange and wonderful creatures have you found in your backyard?
see ya

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First fishing trip of the season

Today the weather was sunny and not too windy, so we decided to take the boat out for a run. Baby girls boyfriend has been itching to go out, but unfortunately everytime we plan to go it been blowing a gale and it would not have been pleasant or safe.
So this morning we rang him up and ask if he would like to go.
So we packed some food, and out we went. It was very nice out in westernport, so much so that there were boats everywhere.
We caught some flatheads, with most being too small and us having to throw them back in.
But it was really nice to be out again. I have missed it all winter. so now the bug has bitten again and I cannot wait to go out again.
Roll on summer!
see ya

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just because we need a laugh

I foun this on another blog and got permission to use it here.
Whenever I find I need a good laugh I visit this wonderful blog and my spirits are lifted.
Tracey's crafty -scraps.
go ahead and visit her, tell her I sent you and enjoy a good giggle.
Because sometimes we all just need to laugh!!

If you click on the picture it will make it larger
see ya

Update on this mornings events

well its now 6.00am. The police, firebrigade, and csi have all gone. The csi will be back in the morning to examine the crime scene and hopefully tell us exactly how the fires started.
Our next door neighbour said that at 2.30 approx, he heard people talking but thought they were just walking through. We live in a semi rural area and people dont often walk around here, but as we have a hall up the road and there were a couple of parties in the area, he assumed it was just teenagers going home.
Then at 3.00am he heard the blasts too! We are so very lucky that I am not a heavy sleeper, that hubby had the fire extinquishers handy, and that he was able to get to the fire and put it out before the whole thing blew up.
Our ute, or as they are called in the USA, truck, is burnt inside the cabin, but luckily it did not egnite. The customers truck, which a tipper, looks like that will be a write off.
The police seem to think it may not have been a random attack. They ask if we had any enamies, or people who held grudges. We can honestly say that no, we do not! But you can never know what people are thinking. It may have been the customer they targeted, so the police will speak with them as well. So now hubby has gone back to bed, but I am so wired up now sleep will not come easily.
This has made me feel very sick in the tummy, to think there are people in the world who could do these things.
I hope the police find them, and we find out what its all about.
But in the meantime there is nothing I can do about it so I will try to put it out of my mind. Although I think that in the near future at least I will be sleeping even more lightly.
thanks for listening.
see ya

Terrible Nights work

It 3.30 in the morning and half an hour ago I was woken up by three small explosions. Some one has come into our yard set a truck and our car on fire. They used molotov cocktails.
The fire truck is now here and we are waiting for the police.
I feel sick to my stomach. I dont know what would of happened if I hadnt heard it and hubby was able to put it out quickly.
let you know more in the morning

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Konnies request

Konnie asked for a photo of Sabastian before the haircut, so here it is. Big difference!
see ya

Speaking of bad hair days....

 This is Sabastian, he is a hymalyan and very fluffy, normaly.
 He will not let you brush his tummy or under his chin so he gets very matted. Then spring hits and he moults dreadfully.  Making the situation even worse. Not to mention every morning it looks like it snowed in here!
So it was off to the vets to get his annual hair cut. He is not a happy camper but at least he can now walk. The knots under his arms were making it painful before.
He get terribly embassed, especially if anyone laughs. If that happens he stops, stands absolutely still and then runs away to hide.
Poor little fellow, but we still love him.
see ya

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sesame Street:Song: I Love My Hair

for those of us that do not have barbie blond, or dead straight hair, a song to make us happy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

getting stuck in

Over the weekend hubby and I planted some vegies in the raised garden bed, and mulched them both. One raised garden bed only has strawberry plants in it and hopefully soon we will get lots of yummy berries.
Today I decided to tackle on of the front garden beds. Boy am I unfit! I have only gotton half way through and I am sore all over. It was pretty bad though. One plant had grown so big it had taken over the whole garden. I dont know what the plant is called but I do know it is a bit of a weed and for the life of me I cannot recall how it had gotton into the garden. I think my mother planted it  because she has the exact same on at her place.
Anyway, we pulled it out and now the whole bed is looking better. I will rest for a little while and if the weather holds off, I will try and do some more this afternoon.
Once its all clear of weeds and everything is trimmed back I can do the fun stuff like buy more plants and put them in.
see ya

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Very Sleepy

Hubby had a bad night of snoring. When he gets into full swing he is louder than a chainsaw!
I got woken up at around 2.30 am and by 4.00am I was so angry that I wanted to smother him with his pillow. I know he doesnt mean it so I got out of bed and put more wood in the fire, feed the cat, had the first of two breakfasts today and played on facebook. By 5.00am I thought that I was now tired enough that I would be able to fall asleep even with him chopping wood next to me. I did fall asleep but was up again at 7.00am. By 7.30 I knew that, I was not going to get any more sleep so I got up and have been busy with washing, looking after the chickens and cleaning the kitty litter area in the laundry. So now I am very sleepy and grumpy.
When I look back over my married life, I realise that since having children, and hubbys snoring I have not really had a full uninterupted nights sleep for 20 years.
Add to that I am now menapausal, I can tell you I am the grumpiest b@#$h
So get outta my way and do as I say or you may have to deal with the rath of Angela

Friday, October 15, 2010

Over It!!!!!

Its cold,
wet and raining.
And more thunderstorms are forcast for over night.
Looks like our fishing trip planned for tomorrow morning is cancelled.
I am soooooo over this weather. One minute its beautiful and sunny and you get all motivated and acheive heaps and the next day you are relighting the fire, and snuggling up under the quilts.
Will summer get here already, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A new blog

A new blog has joined our world. Its from the shop I take my classes at. These wonderful ladies have taught me lots, and helped me through some tough times in my life.
So to show my appreciation I have become the web mistress for their new blog.
please pop in and show your support. Even if you live far away, there will be posts to interest all who love to stitch.
follow this link, but I will add it to my list of blogs.
thanks everyone
see ya

Monday, October 11, 2010

well finally

finally the sun is shining and the ground is slowly drying up. Over the weekend the raised garden beds were weeded and will be topped up with compost over the next couple of days. The seedlings will go in and mulched soon after that!
Today I cleaned the front porch area, it had become the dumping ground of everything over winter and it was looking really bad. The windows were so dirty that when the sun shone through them it looked like there was enough dirt there to plant
so all the junk was sorted, we have recyle bins at the workshop for paper, metal, and general rubbish.
then I swept the concrete and cleaned up all the leaf litter. I finally was able to give the windows a good wash and now the sun is shining through them and they look great!
A job well done even if I do say so myself. Now that the windows and verander are clean, the gardens are looking even worse than before, so that are next on the list.
As long as the sun is shining the energy levels are up and the spring clean bug bites.
If this doesnt get the winter kilos off, nothing will.
If you live in Queensland, I hope you stay dry and that the rains stop falling for you too.
see ya

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sewing again

School holidays are over and sewing classes are back on. So Im off to do just that!
So I better extract the digit and get moving.
have a great day everyone
see ya

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hot Pies!!!!

We did it, we won. 20 years has been a very long time!
I cried like a baby.
well done the Mighty Collingwood football club.
The Saints did not disgrace themselfs they put up a ripper fight. I really felt for them.
Its been even longer for them,  but with the team they have it won be much longer till they get one.
It was a cracker of a game.
Wooo Hooo
see ya