Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speaking of bad hair days....

 This is Sabastian, he is a hymalyan and very fluffy, normaly.
 He will not let you brush his tummy or under his chin so he gets very matted. Then spring hits and he moults dreadfully.  Making the situation even worse. Not to mention every morning it looks like it snowed in here!
So it was off to the vets to get his annual hair cut. He is not a happy camper but at least he can now walk. The knots under his arms were making it painful before.
He get terribly embassed, especially if anyone laughs. If that happens he stops, stands absolutely still and then runs away to hide.
Poor little fellow, but we still love him.
see ya


Konnie said...

Oh I feel so bad for him. You need to post pictures of him with hair. I am having a hard time even imagining.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Oh my I bet he is embarrassed.

We had a long haired fella - we used to just cut his knots out as he too would never let us brush him.