Monday, October 11, 2010

well finally

finally the sun is shining and the ground is slowly drying up. Over the weekend the raised garden beds were weeded and will be topped up with compost over the next couple of days. The seedlings will go in and mulched soon after that!
Today I cleaned the front porch area, it had become the dumping ground of everything over winter and it was looking really bad. The windows were so dirty that when the sun shone through them it looked like there was enough dirt there to plant
so all the junk was sorted, we have recyle bins at the workshop for paper, metal, and general rubbish.
then I swept the concrete and cleaned up all the leaf litter. I finally was able to give the windows a good wash and now the sun is shining through them and they look great!
A job well done even if I do say so myself. Now that the windows and verander are clean, the gardens are looking even worse than before, so that are next on the list.
As long as the sun is shining the energy levels are up and the spring clean bug bites.
If this doesnt get the winter kilos off, nothing will.
If you live in Queensland, I hope you stay dry and that the rains stop falling for you too.
see ya


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Sounds like you have been nice & BUSY!
sOOO looking forward to spring.

Love Leanne

Craft Quarters said...

Hey Angela,
Any news on the blog front?

See you tomorrow,