Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Konnies request

Konnie asked for a photo of Sabastian before the haircut, so here it is. Big difference!
see ya


Konnie said...

Oh he is beautiful. I am not sure why you can't get on my main blog. Here is the addy in case that is the problem.

Karen said...

He is so pretty! But I do understand all about mats!!! UGH!
So I'm responding to your comment on my blog about (stupid) Blogger changing how you upload pictures. I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong. I am doing exactly what you say and IT USED TO WORK, but now when I go to upload the 2nd picture, it deletes the one I just downloaded. That's why I have to add it to the post, one picture at a time. UGH!
Am I missing a step that they've added or what?
Thanks for your response today! I really like it when people jump in with solutions! YAY!
HAGE! Karen - Some days are diamonds

Tracey said...

Hi! Thanks for your recent comments, please help yourself to anything you want from my blog....
Love Tracey xxx

Aleina said...

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