Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hot Pies!!!!

We did it, we won. 20 years has been a very long time!
I cried like a baby.
well done the Mighty Collingwood football club.
The Saints did not disgrace themselfs they put up a ripper fight. I really felt for them.
Its been even longer for them,  but with the team they have it won be much longer till they get one.
It was a cracker of a game.
Wooo Hooo
see ya

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Craft Quarters said...

Good old Collingwood forever,
we know how to play the game.Side by side we stick together,
to uphold The Magpies name.Hear the barrackers a shouting,
as all barrackers should,Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk
For the good old Collingwood