Saturday, September 22, 2012


 spring when the sounds of bird song is broken by the sounds of lawnmovers. Where trees burst into life, and the sacred dance between the bees and blossom produce new life.

 Some babies basking in the warm sun, growning so that one day they will feed and maybe even procreate a new plant themselves.
 And the new ewes only 5 mpnths old, sitting in the shade with full bellies growing so that one day soon they will meet the ram destined to mate and produce life anew!
and as for humans, well I often wonder why farmers keep farming. After drough, and floods and politics all affect their incomes placing strain on them and their families.
But I feel it in a sunny spring day, the quickening deep inside, the promise of things to come and I know what it is that keeps them farming.
the hope that this time we will be rewarded for our labouts.
see ya

Monday, September 17, 2012

the future of our food

This is an excellent video on the discussion on the future of seeds. Please watch and share. Lets get the message out that we need to start saving our heirloom seeds.
 I hope this link works for you
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mending fences

 with the spring coming the urge to go outside and work gets stronger. Our cow decided that the grass on the other side of the fence was much nicer than any in the 2.5acre paddock she was in so our fences need some maintance or before too long our sheep and cow would be able to just walk over it and come visiting whoever  or where ever they pleased.
 These are wire strainers and the are vital to getting the fence as tight as you can. we first straightend the square wire fence as it had been pushed down and then added a new straight wire. here we are straining it as tight as we can. we then tied it off and connected it to the fence to hold it up again and stop the cow from being able to push it down again.
 we then strained the exsisting stright wire to make it tight again. you place the strainers on the wire, strain it slightly and cut the wire. then you add a special dohicky, thats the tecnical term for it, and place the two cut ends through it. now continure straining and the special dohicky keeps them together. simple!
 now the fence is tight and straight again. I didnt get before shots as I was busy walking wire up and down and getting bits and bobs but believe me it looks much better.
 Here I am driving the new toy, much easier getting stuff from one place to another than walking up and down carrying it. we just put it all in the bucket and drive there. we even took hay to the animals in the middle of the paddock so they can be there and not right near us annoying us while we were trying to work.
So I  really enjoyed being farmer Josaphine for the day.
we have more fences to mend but as they say tomorrow is another day!
see ya

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's a beautiful day but....

Hello everyone yes it a beautiful day and I'm sitting in my hammock chair typing this. It's windy but pleasant under the front veranda. But the weather man says its going to change this afternoon. S I must get wood and get the fire ready to light so that we are toasty warm when the cold snap hits again. I am grateful for the last few days, they have lifted my spirits and given me hope that winter will go and warm weather will come back.
Then you will get post about how bloody hot it is hahaha
 See ya.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Happy birthday wishes

Yesterday was hubby's 51st birthday. I took him out in the morning to get him a pair of real wool Aussie ugg boots. He loved them then he needed  to get his watch band fixed. Wouldn't you know it they need to seed it away so he justw got a new one for now and will sen the old one away.  We then needed to look at new wood splitters because our old one has finally died beyond resurrection . So he went off to do that. Buy this stage I was over the shooting thing so I stayed home. Just as I got comfy on the couch his mum and brother turned up to see him. So I had to entertain them until he got home. The kids both visited for their dads birthday and later on his other brother and his family popped in too. So it was a busy day full of spending money. Which hubby loves but I do not!
But anyway he had a great birthday.
As for me I just want a nice quiet Sunday today to get over it!
See ya

Thursday, September 06, 2012


We have had some wild weather here in Victoria the latst 24hours. Luckily no m
Damage at our place but lots of People had no power for much of yesterday and trees come down and damaged buildings and cars.  It rained overnight but this morning it still and quiet.  Apparently we are in for some really cold wether by Friday as the winds will be coming up from the antarctic. Not looking forward to that. Whats the weather doing in your part of the world?
See ya

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Vital information

I got this from the greening of gavin blog
if my link doesnt work follow this link to Gavins blog.
Its an easy to understand video and it tells it how it is.
its not all doom and gloom it also tells us how to get into a better situation to prepare and that there are people in the world right now working hard to come up with alternatives.
I hope you take the time to watch this video
see ya

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fathers day

Happy fathers day to all the Aussie dads
Have a great day