Monday, December 03, 2012

storage space

tried to upload photos and blogger is telling me that I have reached my storage limit.
how have you guys coped with this.
Im thinking of starting a new blog with a link here
what do you think.
let me know
see ya

Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's going to give a hot one here today.yeasterday they said it would be a top of 35 (93) expected but today's paper is saying that they are expecting a top of 40 (104).
A total fire ban has been declared. I hope no fires are started, and that we don't have a repeat of the fires we had a few years ago.
After a couple of years of rain we have a lot of bush growth and conditions are perfect for terrible fires.
So if your in Victoria today stay hydrated and cool. For those in WA I hope the winds calm down for you and if you have  been affected by the power outtages that it gets turned on soon.
For those in NSW and QLD stay cool too. Looks like summer has finally hit.
See ya

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A dancing weekend

Yesterday baby girl was in two concerts and today she is one. They are not the same she has different dances in each one. So If I wanted to see all her dances I had to get tickets to all three concerts. I don't mine except sitting in those chairs is not good for the body. Still it get expensive and I wonder if it's not just a money making scheme for the dance school. But as a parent I suffer and go.
How are your Christmas predations going? Christmas is here this year and I really cannot think about it yet. Not until baby girls engagement party is over. That's on the 1st of December , once thats done I can turn my attention to chrismas. It's going to be at Harley's parents home I'm in charge of drinks, salads and the engament cake. I have ordered it and will be picking it up the day before I hope. Will post pics of it when I can.
It's going to be busy the nest few weeks.
See ya

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I wonder

I wonder what it would be like to live with someone who truly thinks like you do. I am not a spender and I just wantj to pay down debt and live a simple life. This has always been my goal.
Unfortunately hubby wants to build an empire and being In debt is no big deal for him. He has done a deal and traded in his car, which we paid off and owned, and has bought and brand new one. This means we will now after the trade in, owe money on.
He works hard and he deserves everything he wants but as. Get older I question the wisdom of this. Between this and the investments we have, for tax purposes I keep getting told, I don't see us every really retiring.
I just want to know relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours. Is this wrong?
Maybe I'm just winging and should be grateful for all we have but I see so many people who don't ever get a chance to enjoy their lives, that I'm really questioning the choices he has made. He won't listen to me because I don't understand.
Maybe I don't but I know what I wanted in life and I've achieved it. I've raised my family paid off my home and now I want to play.

Why can't he understand that!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

in the vegie patch

 in the vegie gardens we have onions and beetroot and carrots and onions.
 some tomatoes
and these are my herbs, oregano, and mint and greek basil. The weather has been cool here so the gardens are not as advanced as other years, but thats ok. I have a feeling once summer arrives it will last longer than usual
how is the weather affecting your gardens
see ya

Monday, November 19, 2012

enjoying life

 watching the babies enjoying the shade. they have the nices chicken coop complete with greek gods. lol
 they are growing so quickly, they have doubled in size since we got them.
 Just relaxing on the back patio, when hubby gets home we will fire up the barbie and cook our tea.

just some close ups of my roses. They are so forgiving and will give you lots of blooms year after year.
see ya

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Blessed beltain to all in the southern hemisphere! And to our friends in the northern hemisphere a happy Halloween
Have a great day everyone!