Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is babygirls sunday afternoon mixed netball team. From left to right there is Emily, Kate, babygirl and her boyfriend Harley. I dont know the names of the rest of the team but I do know that the boy on the end in the adidas tshirt is Harleys brother. Emily and Kate are babygirls best friends from school. We mothers and fathers of the three girls, all whent along an watched the match. They played really well and deserved the win.
It was all very exciting and we were all transported back in time when this was a regular outing for us all. Now that they can drive themselves we are no longer needed and sometimes we feel like we are not wanted. But being a grand final we all turned up anyway.
It was great seeing the girls and even though they think they are all grown up us mums know that secretly they were happy to have their mummys there to watch them.
see ya

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