Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 we havnt had internet in a few days so here is a quick update for you. we visited a dish in carnavon that was used during the lunar landing in 1969. Buzz Aldran opened the museum and left his signature and finger prints in concrete for us.
 This is the dish that is no longer in use its huge and we camped in the caravan park under it. Below is don in a replica of the acual module used by the astronoughts. Its very small and considering todays washing machines have more tech in them than the first lunar landing module kinda scary too

 last night we stayed just outside monkey mia at Hamelin pool caravan park a short walk from the stromatolites. I have seen fozilised Stromatolites but never living ones. they were amazing.
so today we are at monkey mia and have already seen some dolphins that came in this morning to visit and get a feed. We are booking in for a cruise this after noon and with this company you also get a free sunset cruise too! Hopefully we will see more dolphines and some dugongs too
hope your having a great day
see ya


Sharon said...

WOW, interesting!

Stromatolites... they look squishy, did you touch one?

Dolphins, neat!

Cruise too, sounds like you're having a great time.

Grammy said...

I really enjoy your photos and updates. It is quit fun to keep up with your adventures. And so happy for you. :)