Thursday, May 12, 2011

Storm Clouds

I took these photos just a few minutes before a rain storm complete with hail hit. Its looking south and the wild had picked up.
I love the colour of the sky just before a storm. Over my head and to the north there was blue sky peeking out of the clouds, so the change in light was quiet dramatic.
Looks great doesnt it!
see ya


Tania said...

Wish we had some storm clouds around with some lovely rain. Haven't had a decent rain for a couple of months now. Things are very dry again. Dont need any hail though!

Have a great day,


Susan said...

Oh my goodness, they do look dramatic! Those clouds are definitely chock-a-block full of rain!
Great pics - really get a feel of a storm bearing down :D)

Sharon said...

Great picture! The sunlit trees against an angry sky - super! I hope you were needing rain! Of course, nobody needs hail, right?

nollyposh said...

i agree it looks ~beautiful~ & *Thank you* for popping by Angela (((Hugs)))

Grammy said...

I agree too. The photos are wonderful. We are in for more rain today. It is gloomy looking as day break begins here. But the birds are singing there beautiful sons.

Konnie said...

That is how my sky looked on Sunday. Then came the rain, hail, sun, rain, rainbow, rain, hail. You get the picture. it was different ever 10 minutes.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Give me blue sky any day with puffy white clouds- hope hail didn't damage any garden items.

Love Leanne