Monday, October 10, 2011

stand still

Life here at the moment feels like its come to a stand still. I have been so ill that my normal daily routine has gone.
I am trying to decide if I should cancel my gym membership as I have not been since a week before my holiday.
I just cannot get myself up and out the door anymore, and by the time Im moving I feel that my limited energy is better spent getting stuff done here at home.
Its like I get 50 dollars to spend everyday, and going to the gym burns up about 25 of it. So everyday half my daily budget gets spent on something that really wasnt giving me a return.
I dont know if this makes sence but if it does, Id really appreciate some advice.
I have to get over feeling like a failure if I have to stop doing something I used to do. I have to learn that not matter what others say, I am not well, I am not firing on all cylinders and I have to devise a new way of conserving what little energy I have and used it where I get the most return.
Im sure once I make up my mind, my life will start to move forward again. Its hard when I was so busy before and now I just cannot be. Also dealing with the negativity of others is really getting to me. Thank god my hubby is understanding, I would be lost without him.


Sharon said...

Sigh... I know exactly what you are saying. Being sick for so long is making me weaker. I have determined that I will be a mass of jam in another couple weeks or so. I guess I will have to push myself, even if it's just for a few minutes at a time. Just walking (gasping, weaving) to get the ringing phone, makes me all hot and sweaty and more shaky. I have no strength at all now, so if I don't try something, I may as well crawl into a hole and make like a frog.

Sharon said...

Boy, am I ever out of it! What has the doctor said? Did you ask him/her how long this could take?

You may really need that gym when you get better! I have been told... ahem.. that if you don't use 'em you lose 'em - muscles that is. I know that mine are just slabs of overcooked noodles anymore...

Unknown said...

I think you're not alone in how you feel at the moment. There's a lot of this 'weariness' going around. Just be kind to yourself and never regret any decisions you make. If you don't have the energy to put into the gym...ditch it? Life's to short to worry over these things. Just because someone says we should work out each day, doesn't mean it's gospel!
I've been reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I would recommend it....might throw light on your health problem at present. I have very little faith in the medical profession. It all appears to me to be big business and lots of our bucks wasted.
Be kind to yourself. Maa

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I know its easy for me to say but you just have to forget about all the others and their opinions - there not the one who is feeling unwell all the time. I'd have a good talk to the GP (if he/she gives you time) and as Sharon says ask if this is going to go on mfor much longer.
As well as all the good food you can get into you as an alternative maybe a course of multivitamins (or what used to be called a tonic) could be the go. You chemist could advise which would be best.
Most gyms will put your membership on hold for a couple of months (especially for ill health reasons) - would be worth a try asking them to do that for you. Try a little fresh air - walk about a tiny bit outside in between the rain showers we are expecting again this week (if you can call them showers, more like monsoons over our way lol)
Take care

Tania said...

Oh dear Angela, sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment. I do hope it improves for you soon, there is nothing worse than feeling miserable and tired :(

Rest is probably the best thing for you to do so your body and recuperate from whatever you are suffering from. My son was sick recently and it took three weeks for him to come good.