Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comment troubles

Hello just a short note to let you know that if you have a comments section where you have to pick an account from a drop down box, it wont let me comment.
Grannys garden and chocolate fishes I tried to comment this morning and it wouldnt work.
Off to quilting class today so must hurry, If spent wayyyyyyy to much time reading your blogs.
see ya


Deb said...

Sign out and when you sign back in, untick the 'keep me signed in' box and you should be able to comment.t had me stumped for ages.

Sharon said...

I have different problems sometimes.

Have a fun time! (Quilting)

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Problems here as well - signing in and out helps sometimes but you've got to get to the page first. I get annoyed when the pages just keep going round in circles - do as it asks and back it comes again to the beginning Ugh!!

granny said...

I had that trouble too awhile back..seems to have fixed itself !?
Silly blogger!
Hope you had a lovely stitchy day.

Vickie said...

Hi Angela - good to hear from you! I've been reading back some - I'm jealous of your garden - we're going into winter time soon and I didn't do a fall garden this year. Will have to wait til spring! But I can help you and your Aussie friends enjoy yours!

Glad you had fun camping. I love it, too. We used to go when our kids were young, but now hubby doesn't much wanna do without such things as clean toilets and comfy beds!

Have fun at your quilting ~~~