Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeling Hot,Hot,Hot!

The temp today is about 39 dregrees (102 farenheit) So a good day to bale hay.
Buffy is just enjoying the shade. She is a rescued cat that was very neglected and has become the most loyal and loving pet anyone could every ask for.
She will only allow members of our family to pick her up and she is not fond of little boys.
I think they caused her grief before we got her.

This is mushroom She has just enjoyed a nice long drink and is wondering what I am doing with that funny shiny thing in her face.
Stay cool everyone.
see ya


Unknown said...

that poor cat- and please tell me you wont eat mushroom

Arts and Herbs said...

If you want to cool down, come over for a visit, we had -5°C this morning !

Grammy said...

Wow, Thats hot. And we are burr cold. We will be 49 f today but 19f low for the week. I love the cow is he white all the way back. Kitty is cute too. I love to see photos of your place. Do you have kangaroos running around there too?

Anonymous said...

What great pets, I've always wanted a pet cow (the non-eating kind) and cats are my speciality! I can not imagine heat sitting here on a cold English evening!