Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tony Ferguson Wk 13

Today I lost 700grams and another cm off my tummy.
I also have finished christmas shopping. I hope!
And the walls in the sewing room are now painted.
Its all happening
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I must say you are doing really well with your weight loss - are you still comfortable with this way of eating?
Thanks for dropping in the other day and for your lovely comment. I feel much better now but was so surprised at my initial reaction to Rob's news.
Before the rsult came in somebody told me 47 isn't young and he'd had a good life - I was stunned and a bit annoyed at that attiude 'cose to me he is still young and has most of his life in front of him
Take care
ps will your room be ready for a Christmas toasting??

angela recada said...


I found your blog through the lovely comment you left about eggs and chickens on "Nolly Posh." I always like to stop by and say "hello" to another Angela in Blogland.
Best wishes from Wisconsin, USA,