Tuesday, July 17, 2012


we are here at broome, in WA and we are lucky enough to be staying at stewart douglass' brothers crocodile farm.  Don is friends with steward and he offered us this place. our camp is about 10-15 meters from the crocs. if you dont know meters just take 10-15 large steps and thats approx it. above is a photo of one of our neighbours.below is a photo of camp from his cage.

 at the Broome port this ship had just come in and so we took the long walk out to have a better look at her. hopefully next year, if I dont kill him first, hubby and I will be on one of these heading to new zealand for our 25th wedding anniversary.
 we whent on a on a history talk about the pearl diving industry that started the town of Broome, and I tried on this helmet. we all had a go and when it was my turn they told me to make a funny face! luckily its on a stand, its very very heavy! I was chosen to be the model for this necklace of irregular pearls, dont they look great. They are worth $9,000.00. needless to say don said no I couldnt have them. Spoil sport.

And this little beauty is one of the largest pearls ever and is worth a cool $100,000.00. I didnt even pick it up I was too frightened I might drop it!
We had a great day and today we are booked in to go on a camel ride, so be ready for some funny shots of that!
see ya


Sharon said...

Not fond of crocks but I really love your fashionable (diving) helmet! That's a mighty big pearl!

Snowbrush said...

I rather doubt that, in America, anyone would LET you hold a pearl that expensive, and they probably wouldn't hold it for you for fear you might grab it and run. Are people simply that much nicer where you are?