Monday, July 09, 2012

Alice Springs

well this morning we are getting organised to leave Alice. We have spent two days here and it was good to not have to get up and drive anywhere. Then we headed back to camp for tea and we could see the fireworks so it was a good day.
Yesterday the girls split from the boys, they wanted to see the hall of fame trucks museum.
we didnt! So we were off to see the old goal and pioneer womens exhibition. Sorry forgot to take my camera so I didnt get any shots! But there were lots of wonderful memorbilia and pioneering stories. The outback could not have been settled without these women and I am proud of what they endured and achieved.
Then we were accosted by a group of indigines who were painting in the medium strip in the middle of the road and sue bought a painint by one of the women who was just finishing it.
we then walked to the royal flying doctor service and saw a 15 minute movie on the history of the RFDS. wow what a wonderful organisation. I got some souveniers and then we meet the boys in town and don and I headed home as I had had enough by then, but sue and keith were off to buy some things they needed.
So the boys have gone into town to see if they can pick up some things they couldnt get over the weekend and then we will get going. we hope to stay the night at an side of the road overnight camp spot just past tennant creek tonight and then off to Katherine in the morning.
have a great day everyone
see ya


Sharon said...

It does sound like you are having an interesting time. Think I would have gone with the boys, I like trucks...

Nanette said...

Sorry not to see any pics of Alice, I lived there for some time and love the place, miss it too. Interesting trip so far.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Yep the colonial woman sure pathed the way. Sounds a fab day & I would of gone with the gals too..

Hope your doing ok.

Love Leanne