Friday, June 24, 2011

A surprise little boy

Some friends of ours told us about a secret they had been keeping. The had adopted a little boy! He was 6 months old. I wasnt home when the new daddy came over to tell us. I was in Hahndorf, so I dont have any details such as his name yet. Men are not good at getting the info in these situations.
I decided I wanted to make this little man a quilt but I dont have the regular 9 months to do it in, so I did a very quick easy one. I bought a panel and put a couple of boarder on. I think it looks really good. So now I will quilt it and bind it this week and hopefully be able to go and meet the new miracle soon.
A busy weekend this week with my baby boy turning 22 on sunday. We are having a family BBQ on saturday for lunch. And on sunday we are having a family BBQ at Becs house. Bec is Leannes stepmum. She has decided we are going to do this at least once a month. I am very touched they consider me as family.
So a busy weekend
have a great one everyone and stay safe.
see ya


Sharon said...

That is going to make a sweet little quilt for the little guy! He will love the bright colors!

BBQ, sounds good! Enjoy!

Konnie said...

That will be a perfect quilt. My baby's birthday is friday. probably today where you are. she is 19. they sure grow up fast.

Grammy said...

That is a beautiful quilt. You are so creative. I did the dame for my grandkids. I am not a quilter but I enjoyed it. Tell your son happy b day for me. Big hug, :)

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

What a wonderful welcome gift. Too cute
Love Leanne

Susan said...

A lovely weekend for everyone! Have fun.

Such a sweet little quilt - your friends will be delighted. :D)

Dmarie said...

what a great surpise! your quilt is sure to be a treasured favorite...well done!

nollyposh said...

How gorgeous <3