Sunday, June 12, 2011


 This is the old mill hotel. This building is the reception and left of the driveway is the salon bar and next the bar are the rooms we stayed in.
 The rooms are over the restaurant, See the windows above the veranda. The last two windows on the right are our room.
Here is a close up.
This was on main street in hahndorf and from here we walked to several celler doors where we were able to enjoy a taste of wine. There was also some cheese tasting at a cheese shop and chocolate tasting at a chocolate shop. And for a change of pace the German arms pub, had cheap counter meals and some lovely german beer, we even had some apple cider which they had on tap.
do you see a theme happenening, yeap it was all about food and drink the whole week! I think we both gained about 2 kilos but what a wonderful holiday we had.
more photos tomorrow
see ya


Tracey said...

Looks & sounds wonderful...good for you! xxxxxx

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Susan said...

Angela, staying in a great pub, tasting, wining and dining ... it's a tough gig all right but, someone's gotta do it eh!!!

Sounds like a beaut week.