Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today we had chemo again. Leanne did alot better with the meds. They still had to give her the antihistamin but it all went to plan and we were out of there in the time we were supposed to.
I left her at home in bed fast asleep.
Only one more chemo to go in this round. We now know that it will not be her last cycle as the cancer is going to come back, but we are hoping that it take a while until it does.
Fingers crossed.


Hazel said...

I think the beer Leanne was holding in a previous post, probably helped! I have everything crossed for you...not just the fingers.

Konnie said...

I need to catch up with your posts. Sending good thoughts and prayers around the world for Leanne. Pictures of her enjoying refreshments does my heart good:)

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

You are a good friend!
Hope Leanne doing ok

Love Leanne

Susan said...

That's good - no holdups.
All the best Leanne :D)

nollyposh said...

No it won't! No it won't! Tell Leanne to tell her body "No it won't!" (What do the doc's know about the individual spirit anyway!!!)