Saturday, June 04, 2011

I have been tagged
Tracey from craftyscraps has tagged me and now I have to answer some questions and choose who to tagg.
here goes.
If you could be any historical or current character who would you be?

no one in particular, but I would love to have been a famous writer. One whose books have lasted generations and stood the test of time.
Name an interesting fact about yourself...........

I have survived all that life has given me, and I will survive all thats yet to come. ( I hope)
Name one thing that you would change in yourself?

I would love more confidence.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

I would go back to before my brother passed and tell him that I love him.
which charactor traits annoy you?
I do not like fake people who bignote themselves. Get over it!
What do you consider your biggest achievement?
I have to go with Tracey on this one, My kids!

Now, who to tag????? I have to tag 8
here goes

go to it girls.


Tracey said...

Thanks for joining in! xxxxxxxxxx

Sharon said...

Oh, to be Shakespeare or Frost or...., great answer! Not into fake people either. I like your answers!

Deb said...

Thanks so much! I liked you answers