Friday, June 03, 2011

solar power

Woo hoo the guys are here to install my solar panels. They are working on the inverter as I type and hopefully the panels will be here soon. Mother nature has sent me sun today, so I take that as a good omen and that I am doing the right thing. Its what she wants!
Will post pics as soon as the panels get here.
Sooooo exciting.
see ya


Cathy said...

Good luck with that project Angela
We decided otherwise - could be our loss but then we just don't know do we

Sharon said...

You will have to keep us up-dated with how well they work. We were going to go solar - until we figured out that it wouldn't have paid for itself until long after we both died.

Tania said...

Good for you Angela.

Look forward to hearing how you go with yours.

We have had our system for 3.5 years now.


Grammy said...

Thats awesome is it for heat or electric ? Look forward to photos. :)

granny said...

How exciting! I hope it all goes well. did you get rid of the word verification ? :0)

Tracey said...

You've been tagged! xxxxxxxxxx

angela said...

Hi Grammy, its power for the whole house. I will generate power and feed it into the power grid. Hopefully I will generate enough that I will not have to use any power from the grid myself.
Hello Granny, I got into dashboard, clicked settings, them clicked comments. You then look down the list till you find the word verification, click no.

Susan said...

Sounds good. We had solar many years ago in WA - worked well. Guess they've improved it even more these days :D)