Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Blogger Blunders

There are some blogs I cannot comment on, so just letting you know I do read all he blogs.
Cathy, I havnt done anything bad, for a change, haha. I have been offered a few hours a week working in the quilt shop that I have my classes in.
I think I got too much info on the first day and had a bit of a melt down. I will learn it all. I promise!
Very cold here on the first official day of winter. It was only 1.5 degrees going into gym this morning. I think I should get credit just for getting outta bed and turning up.
Off to the oncologist today for a update on Leanne and how she thinks chemo is going. With the fact that she has had a reaction, she may decided to change the drugs used.
Stay warm everyone, and for those in the rest of the world sounds like you need to stay dry.
The weather is going a bit crazy lately.
see ya


Konnie said...

I pray leanne's body allows her to make it through what her body needs.

Sharon said...

I wish I could comment on all the posts, it's impossible, so I do what I can - not enough hours in the day, you know?

Keep us updated on Leanne!

Sorry it's so cold already, but then again, I am not happy with the 95F we have right now, either. Sigh....

Susan said...

Brrr that's a cold start to the day.
Good luck in your quilt shop - it'd be fun learning as you go.
All the best :D)

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Oh yes it was cold here as well - frost one the windscreen didn't go down well when I was in hurry! What I wouldn't give for 95f/35c right now. Sorry Sharon its jus the way we are lol
You're right that commenting has become a problem on some blogs - lets hope Blogger fixes it soon
Take care

Grammy said...

Give Leanne a hog for me. I still send healing energy your way. I hope you enjoy your new job. And So wish the best for you all.
E :)
Oh we have the ac on one day and the heat on the next. I have never done this before. Today was ac.

Deb said...

I hjope Leanne can change her treatment so she doesn't get a reaction.
Their are alot of blogs I can't comment on and not many can comment on mine....I think blogger or blogspot have a problem.