Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking out loud

Yesterday did not go to plan. First off I did not just chillaxe on the couch. I did Ironing, some sewing and lots of running around.
Then I got a txt saying that dancing was cancelled due to teacher illness. So I did not make chicken soup, but I made chicken kievs for the whole family.
To make the whole day worse, I am still fighting some bug, that is manifesting in so many varied ways,
I will not go into details but its not nice.
Off to work this morning. I have discovered that I really enjoy being the homemum, and miss it terribly. All the people that told me I should get a job to keep myself occupied, because the kids are older now and what do I do all day, really have no idea the bliss I find in the mundaine day to day tasks that I do.
Even I did not realise just how much I used to do everyday. Only now that I'm not here to get them all done do I see it. I'm pondering these things and I am re-evaluating my situation.
Time to go,
have a great day
see ya

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Unknown said...

no, dont get a job- pfffttt
start a womens group for farming pagans like yourself.....
im not kidding- a study group or similar- someone has to be the one to start xxx